Contact CiviCRM

CiviCRM is community driven, and many resources are freely available to you. That said, contacting CiviCRM directly may not be the best way to get your question answered or your need fulfilled. Please use this page to find an appropriate person to get in contact with. If you are interested in hiring someone to work with you on your CiviCRM project, have a look at our listing of CiviCRM experts. These professionals not only support the development and maintenance of CiviCRM the software, they actively contribute time and expertise to improve the project for everyone. If you would like CiviCRM to assist in this process, please email us directly.

Get Support

We will not do email support simply because it’s not efficient and is not an ideal way to help out a lot of people. Please use the following community resources to find the appropriate support you need:

There are numerous ways you can help out the project and we hope that you'll get involved. We encourage you to learn about CiviCRM and how it works as an open source project. If you would like to hire the Core Team, have a look at our 'work with the Core Team page' to find out the kind of projects that we work on. Other inquiries that aren't covered above can be sent to (though please do not send support requests to this email address since they will not be answered).