CiviCRM Vision & Values

Created by contributors around the world, CiviCRM is, at its heart, built to impact the world. As open source software, CiviCRM is made freely available for use and improvement, serving over 11,000 whose missions collectively impact and improve the world in which we live. A key measure of our success will always be the social good that CiviCRM generates, and the stories that we hear from organizations that are doing amazing and innovative things with CiviCRM.

Our vision

That all organizations – regardless of their size, budget, or focus – have access to an amazing CRM to engage their contacts and achieve their missions; that they own their data and their code; and that they can modify and extend their CRM without restriction.

Our values

  • Quality: We create high quality, reliable, easy to use software that works seamlessly across different platforms and devices.
  • Openness and flexibility: We are an open reliable platform that can be modified, extended and integrated with other technologies by our community of implementers and developers.
  • Privacy: CiviCRM helps organizations to protect their contacts' information, and will always be privacy-friendly.
  • Community: A welcoming community, where people feel at home from day one, and it is simple for people to contribute back.
  • Documentation and support: Full documentation and a diversity of support options so people can get started quickly, and always have a choice of places to look for help.

We invite you to not only use CiviCRM, but to to actively get involved and to support the efforts of the Core Team whose primary responsibility is to coordinate the project. Your support and participation not only builds a better product, it truly impacts the world.