5 Reasons to Build a Customized Member Portal

2021-09-21 08:58
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5 Reasons to Build a Customized Member Portal

Your association is growing, and with growth comes the enormous and never-ending task of managing your members and engaging them with your benefits. Data, registrations, payments, downloads, inquiries, ongoing communications and keeping your member benefits fresh and interesting on top of it all!

The Problem: Your CRM & Website Aren't Meeting Your Needs

Your data management is getting out of hand and the number of routine tasks that need automation is growing. The CRM you are using is extremely helpful, but there are gaps between what your association wants to achieve and the limitations of your current website and CRM capabilities. Even though you have a system that can do a lot, your team is still buried under a never ending to-do list to fill in the gaps that can’t be automated.

Your website may not be providing the ideal user journeys for your various stakeholders. Your website may not be equipped to capture leads and help your association grow. The best way to meet the needs of your stakeholders is to divide your members from your non-members with a member portal that is separate from your website. To understand more about the differences between these two entities, you can download the Websites vs Member Portal chart that clearly outlines the different goals and content on each platform.

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