Webinar: Double your member engagement with very little marketing

2020-09-18 05:22
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Double your member engagement with very little marketing

Does your professional association or non-profit organization have trouble with member retention?

If you are a business leader at a professional association or member-based organization, then our upcoming webinar is just for you!

In our upcoming free webinar, we will be discussing simple yet effective strategies and tactics that will double your member engagement with very little marketing efforts. Throughout the webinar, you will get clear marketing guidance on how to better retain members by focusing on clear communication upfront.

In addition, you will also learn:

  • 1. Ways to reuse some of your current resources to significantly boost your marketing with little effort.
  • 2. Simple techniques that can be implemented to significantly increase your member's engagement.
  • 3. Powerful marketing tools that can boost member's engagement while staying at home.

If you are ready to double your member engagement, increase retention numbers all while optimizing your digital marketing efforts, then don’t miss out on this webinar – register now!

Event time & date:

Thursday September 24, 2020     

3-4 PM Eastern Time