Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 11:21
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If you contribute to CiviCRM, we want to know about it. Now, you might ask "don't you already know given that contributions improve the code, coordinate events, extend the system, etc.?" Well, yes, that is true, but coordinating all of that information in such a way that we, as a small Core Team, can recognize it effectively is no small task. And since contributions across all aspects of the project will play an increasingly important role in improving the code and growing the ecosystem, we need your help to better understand who's done what, when, and how it fits into the overall roadmap, working groups and various initiatives within the CiviCRM project.

If you contribute to CiviCRM, we encourage you to take a moment each week, month, quarter... however frequently (or infrequently) you want... to record you contributions to the project. Full details on how to get started and benefit from this (additional) effort are available online

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