Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 09:32
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The marketing of CiviCRM benefits from a large number of individuals that work to promote CiviCRM in their own way. At the same time though, CiviCRM’s marketing efforts tend to move in spurts, often without clear direction or cohesion. Whether it be through running an event, creating some collateral, or hosting a CiviCRM 101 Webinar, there are a number of opportunities to market CiviCRM, and each effort sometimes takes a different approach in doing so. Going forward, the Marketing Team will be tasked with coordinating the promotion of CiviCRM and helping align each individual effort to ensure that CiviCRM achieves greater awareness within and ultimately share of the market it serves.

The purpose of this post is to convene the first meeting of the Marketing Team (comprised of anyone wanting to promote CiviCRM) in order to begin to set priorities for next year. If you’re interested in participating, mark your calendar for Monday, December 5th at 10am ET / 3pm GMT for a one our meeting. We’ll send out an agenda in advance of the meeting (sign up for team notices here) and will post reminders in the marketing channel of MatterMost.

We currently have 5 working groups underway, all of which need greater participation (and perhaps some reorganization) to ensure success. We’ll likely discuss these during the call, however if you’re interested in getting involved in one or more now, email me at