Monday, April 11, 2016 - 08:53
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CiviCRM logoCiviCRM continues to make incremental improvements across various aspects of the project in order to both foster growth and stability in the product, as well as deepen community engagement and progress towards financial sustainability. With respect to events, we rolled out some basic guidelines intended to help standardize CiviCRM events. We’ve tried to keep these flexible while at the same time consistent with the Core Team’s overall objectives of ecosystem growth and financial stability.

CiviCRM events are intended to strike a balance between these two objectives, raising awareness of the software while raising funds for the project’s overall marketing. Like most events, sponsor support can either make or break the financials. Beginning in 2016, CiviCRM events offer a new level of sponsor recognition via “Global Sponsorship”.

Intended for partners and sponsors that support more than one CiviCRM event in a year, the Global Sponsorship applies to any level of support, provides a small discount for each event, and gives additional sponsor recognition prior to and during each event. This new effort is aimed at encouraging greater support and participation in events.

Special thanks to our current Global Sponsors

Sponsorships are still available for CiviCon NW Europe and CiviCon Colorado. If you’re a partner or project sponsor, and are thinking of sponsor an event, please consider taking advantage of the Global Sponsorship.

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