01 December, 2013
By Ruchi
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The Purpose of CiviHR Recruitment

To me, the effort put in to build any system is worthwhile when it allows organizations to deliver better experiences all around. The CiviHR Recruitment function aims to deliver just that by:

  • enhancing the experience of candidates who interact with non-profits for jobs, and 
  • simplifying life for recruiters by cutting down paperwork and data entry, making it easy to find and review candidates, and providing ways to communicate effortlessly with all candidates

To know more about the scope of the CiviHR project, please read Andrew's synopsis.


Consumer's Expectations

Before we set out to write what we want the recruitment function to do, it seems worthwhile to understand the expectations of the consumers of this technology. In other words, what is it...

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08 November, 2013
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Version 1.0 of CiviHR has now been released, and is available for download at http://civicrm.org/extensions/civihr or alternatively Compucorp  are already offering a hosted version for organisations that do not want to install and maintain CiviHR themselves.

The features in this first release include:

* Staff Directory

* Work and Home Contact details

* Job Positions / Job Roles

* Emergency Contacts

* Bank details

* Identification

* Immigration / Work permits

* Medical & Disability

* Career History & Qualifications

Version 1.0 is just the beginning of what will eventually become a fully-featured HR application designed to meet the specific needs of non-profits. However, we already have a very useful application for those organisations that are struggling to keep track of their HR details on spread sheets...

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01 August, 2013
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Ahead of its first release, scheduled for Civicon London 2013, Farm Africa has committed to be the development partner for CiviHR.

Farm Africa - www.farmafrica.org - provides the tools and expertise to enable smallholders in eastern Africa to increase their harvests. Local staff train them to be more commercial, adding value to surpluses by milling, drying, or turning their produce into products that fetch a higher price. With better food for their families and reliable incomes from their businesses, farmers can build for the future.

Farm Africa has annual revenue of $15 million, and employs 250 staff across 6 countries. Up to now each country office has kept its own HR records in Excel.

Jane Doughty, HR Manager at the head office in London, says, “With CiviHR, I will for the first time have visibility of all the HR records across all of our country offices. I will be able to focus on analysing trends, rather than chasing...

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23 October, 2012
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From Zing’s experience working with its partner charities, it has become apparent that there is a need for an HR Application that will do most of what all but the very largest or complicated charities need, but at a significantly lower cost than current offerings and without the need for expensive technical managers or consultants to carry out implementation.


What is our proposed solution?

Zing is planning the development of an HR Application that would have similar functionality to those already in use by small and medium size companies and charities.

The first phase of the design and development would be conducted in collaboration with the Civi Core Team with the intention of producing a new Civi module called CiviHR. The second phase of the project would take CiviHR, and make it available for use by charities as Software as a Service (Zing SaaS).

The hosted model of Zing SaaS, along with an application design...

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