22 January, 2008
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The results of the first day of our Mumbai meetup were quite impressive. We successfully knocked out around 7-8 issues.

Day two started out with high energy levels. We divided the day into three sessions.

In the morning session, Piotr introduced us to the world of internationalization and some of the do-s and don’t-s about using ts() (the translation function). He also gave us a demo on using the Pootle-based translation server.

In the afternoon session, we started working on the issue list and managed to knock out few more issues.

In the evening session, we had two presentations. First presentation was by Marie and the topic was using Jing and screencast.com to create CiviCRM screencasts. The screencasts are really useful for giving visual demos of CiviCRM. Second presentation was by Lobo, who...

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21 January, 2008
By lobo
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Most of the CiviCRM team is currently in Mumbai, India where we are having our first world wide developer meeting. :) We are missing Dave Greenberg who unfortunately had to cut short his trip to India. :( But he is present via the wiki, blog and issue queue prodding us along. :)

This was the first time the India team was meeting Piotr and Michał from Poland. They are spending close to ten days with the India team. Part of the activities include a long weekend visit to Mahabaleshwar. We also have quite a few excellent meals planned (JaiHind, Bade Mia/Baghdadi, Madras Café, etc.). As always folks in and around the Mumbai area are invited to come and hang out…

We spent the first part of the morning with introductions and getting to know each other a bit more. We also spent a fair amount of time reviewing the things we did well in 2007 and some things we should improve on in 2008. Some of the highlights include:...

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12 January, 2008
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We hit our target date for code freeze and the team has been working through our regression testing cycle. We are re-testing all resolved issues from the 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 queues to verify that no fixes / improvements got lost in the refactoring for 2.0. We've put up a PUBLIC SANDBOX running the latest 2.0 codebase. At this point it would be super useful if folks who have existing CiviCRM installs get on the sandbox and try running the commonly used features and function as they would do them on their own site. This should really help accelerate the process of flushing out edge case problems, etc. Login info and info about posting issues from 2.0 sandbox testing can be found on the sandbox home page. There are currently 11 open issues in the 2.0 queue - which we... Read more
27 December, 2007
By shot
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For several versions now, CiviCRM ships with version checking mechanism that pings our server from time to time (every time you visit the Administer CiviCRM page of your install, but not more often than once a day) and lets you know if there’s a new major stable version available for download. (This mechanism can be turned off by visiting Administer CiviCRM → Global Settings → Miscellaneous Settings.)

From CiviCRM 2.0 on, we’ll be adding three parameters to the version pinging mechanism – these parameters are the version that you have currently installed (so that we can guesstimate the adoption rate of new CiviCRM versions), the CMS you’re using (so we can see the Drupal- vs. Joomla-based usage numbers) and an MD5 hash of your base URL, so we can guesstimate the number of separate CiviCRM installs in the world.

Note that MD5 hashes are not reversible (in particular, an infinite number of strings hashes to any single hash...

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24 December, 2007
By lobo
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We have delayed CiviCRM v2.0 code freeze (and hence alpha/beta/final) dates. This was primarily because of other commitments, specifically developer boot camps and our combined travel schedules. We expect to have the code freeze in the second week of January (01/07/2008) to be followed by alpha, beta and final releases spaced out over the next six weeks.

You can see the current schedule and features for CiviCRM 2.0 here. The list of bugs that still need to be resolved can be found here. Note that quite a few of the issues are in active QA and/or filed very recently.

We apologize for this further delay, and do hope that we will not slip the dates any more. On the flip side, we think v2.0 has some pretty cool scalability and extensibility enhancements...

08 December, 2007
By lobo
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We conducted our first ever developer bootcamp for a group of developers from TechSoup. The bootcamp was spread over two days and four sessions. Each session was approx three hours long. Overall we felt the bootcamp was a success. We also ended up with a couple of new features for CiviCRM v2.0.

  • The first session was a quick introduction to some of the basic and advanced features of CiviCRM. We also covered the schema changes in v2.0. We ended the session with a quick overview of the code structure along with some of the basic building blocks in the system (page, form, selector, DAO and BAO objects)
  • The second session focussed on some hands on coding. One of their needs was the ability to share option groups among custom fields, CRM-2478. The database model had support for this feature. We had not exposed it in the UI. We spent the next few hours designing and...
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28 November, 2007
By lobo
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We have slipped the code freeze release date by a week for CiviCRM 2.0 to Dec 10, 2007. At this point, we have not changed the other dates on the schedule. We are hoping to meet those dates, but this being the holidays and given our travel / consulting / camp schedule, we might slip the other dates by a week or two.

With regard to CMS requirements, we were hoping to see a final release of Drupal 6.0 and Joomla 1.5 by end of this year. At this time we do not expect to see a final release of either Drupal (which is in beta 3) or Joomla (which is in RC3). Based on our prior experiences, we prefer not to support a CMS release till a final release is made.

As a result CiviCRM v2.0 will only support Drupal 5.3 and Joomla 1.0.13. We expect later releases to support the newer version of Drupal/Joomla when they are released

20 November, 2007
By michal
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A while ago, I gave a brief
preview of new CiviCRM's functionality in 2.0
on this blog. "Two-point-oh"
was a bit of a "wild dreams" back than - but it didn't really lasted
long when we got into the stage where this milestone version is behind
the door.

There we go, code freeze for CiviCRM 2.0 is scheduled in two weeks, and
it will contain some exciting new things. One of them is first version
of case management functionality. Many nonprofits' work is organised
around case-based actions: staff's activities are initiated with
specific action, take specific set of tasks that need to be performed in
order to "serve" it and can be named as successfully finished under
specific conditions. Along that road, a lot of data is gathered, needs...

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08 November, 2007
By lobo
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We just updated the CiviCRM 2.0 wiki page with the release schedule. The wiki page has details on the features and changes coming in v2.0. v2.0 will ONLY support PHP5.2+, MySQL 5.0.x+ (later releases only), Drupal 6+ and Joomla 1.5+.

Here is the planned schedule:

  • Code freeze: 12/03/2007
  • Alpha release: 12/24/2007
  • Beta release: 01/14/2008
  • Final release: 02/04/2008
31 October, 2007
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Now that 1.9 stable is out - most of the team has been focusing heavily on the Read more