13 August, 2008
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The team has rolled a second 2.1 Alpha distribution with lots of fixes and improvements based on feedback from our heroic alpha testers out there, and our ongoing internal QA blast. We've gone through verification of almost 800 issue-tracker items - with each team member verifying a set of issues in an area where they did NOT do the coding. This process has turned up quite a few edge case issues - and the release is definitely getting more solid every day! Alpha 2 is available for download, AND to try out on our sandbox site. We want to make sure that the upgrade to 2.1 is as painless and error-free as possible. This can only happen if YOU test the upgrade process against a copy of your 2.0 data.

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11 August, 2008
By kurund
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It was 6th August 2008, CiviCRM team was getting ready for first alpha release of version 2.1. You could feel the tension and sense the responsibility on everyone's face. Although it was an alpha release, each one wanted to close their outstanding issues / bugs. We were trying to get Open Issues count below 10 and wanted to close as much QA issues as possible.

Deepak was busy fixing upgrade issues. That's one of the most complex things we need to provide users so that they don't lose any of their existing data. This responsibility was with Deepak and his upgrade team. Our Joomla czar, Amit was helping Deepak with Joomla related upgrade issues and fixing/adding documentation for v2.0 to v2.1 upgrade procedure. Meanwhile Sunil and Shailesh were...

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06 August, 2008
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We are excited to announce that the initial Alpha release of 2.1 is now available for download, AND to try out on our sandbox site. We're really excited about all the cool new features and improvements. Check out Dave's last blog for some highlights... or the 2.1 Roadmap for a more complete listing.

We strongly encourage folks to download and test the alpha release and help improve the final product. Upgrading to 2.1 requires a simultaneous upgrade of Drupal to 6.3, and we need test-drivers who can help us iron out any bleeps or burps that we haven't discovered in our own testing. You can contribute significantly to the project by testing the upgrade process against a copy...

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04 August, 2008
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The American Friends Service Committee, where I work, needs to sync some information between our CMS (which isn’t Drupal or Joomla for various reasons) and CiviCRM. The vendor we’re working with is writing custom additions to the CMS to handle our needs, and part of that process is creating a PHP library to connect to the REST API of CiviCRM. When we asked, the vendor was very willing to open source that library.

The initial version will cover the API parts that we need to access. Once that is complete, I plan to add in the other API functions. This dovetails with a patch that I wrote, that is included in 2.1, that gave the REST interface access to all functions in the API.

As someone who has a professional interest in making sure the REST API thrives and gets attention from the development team, I really want to find ways to make this useful to others. If anyone has thoughts about a library for the REST API, please feel free to speak up.

Aaron Crosman...

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24 July, 2008
By shot

As my Google Summer of Code project went past its midterm evaluations, I’m happy to report that the core of the multilingualisation mechanism will be a part of the upcoming CiviCRM 2.1 release.

For CiviCRM 2.1, the multilingual support will be rather basic, but still quite usable. You’ll be able to add language switching to you CiviCRM install, and once you switch from one language to another, certain fields will be able to have different values.

Now is the part where your support is needed. :) Which of the CiviCRM fields would benefit the most from getting the ability to be internationalised in this way?

As a proof of concept, we have internationalised custom groups’ names, custom fields’ names and multiple options’ labels. Other fields that come into mind are, for example, contacts’ first/middle/last names (so you can have Cyrillic script in the Russian version, while also having Latin transliteration in the English version).

We want to support a small...

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21 July, 2008
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The 2.1 release hits code freeze this week - and we're really excited about all the cool new features and improvements. For folks who haven't been following progress on the release with "baited breath" - some highlights:
  • Joomla 1.5 and Drupal 6 compatibility
  • Contribution Pledges (back-office and self-service)
  • Multi-language / single site support (with thanks to Google Summer of Code and the Joomla team)
  • Nesting (hierarchy) for groups (with thanks to USPIRG)
  • Contribution, participant and membership export improvements (with thanks to American Friends Service Committee)
  • CiviCRM Home / Dashboard customization (with thanks to Front Line)
  • Several usabiilty improvements including basic and quick search improvements (with thanks to CivicActions), and elimination of the annoying page reloads when entering...
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19 July, 2008
By lobo
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Integrating CiviCRM with an email client (specifically Outlook) has been a long requested feature. Unfortunately we dont really have any internal windows expertise to make this happen (for now). For now, we've built some code for the HRD project that attaches incoming email as an activity to the contact record of emails that are in the from / to / cc / bcc fields (we create a contact record if not found)

We are currently using ezComponents Mail library to read and process incoming emails. If possible i'd like to transition this to using the Zend Framework, since that will be our basic library framework for CiviCRM v3.0.

The current approach is file based. The...

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07 July, 2008
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I'm excited to report that a pretty full-featured 'phase 1' set of Pledge functionality is well on it's way to being completed and will be a part of the 2.1 release. This will fill in a significant hole in the overall CiviCRM feature-set. Phase 1 will include the following functionality:
  • Record pledges received from contributors. This includes pledges for a one-time gift and pledges with regular payments spread out over a period of time.
  • Send pledge acknowledgments with payment schedules.
  • Generate payment schedules for multi-payment pledges.
  • Automatically send one or more pledge payment reminders.
  • Record payments received by check, EFT, etc. AND/OR submit payments via credit / debit card on behalf of contributors (if a payment processor is configured for your site).
  • Pledge "Dashboard" provides a quick summary of expected and overdue pledge payments for various periods.
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28 June, 2008
By lobo
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The Drupal Views module has some pretty cool functionality. Views 2 fixed the "everything is a node" concept from Views 1, this enables integration with CiviCRM (which does nothing with nodes). A concise description of Views from its project page: This tool is essentially a smart query builder that, given enough information, can build the proper query, execute it, and display the results. CiviCRM profiles (in view/search mode) behaves like views. However it is not a flexible or configurable as views is for the end user. Integrating with views also allows the potential of integrating CiviCRM information with other Drupal specific information. e.g. Contact information on folks who are most active on your blog / forum / comments I took user.views.inc as a model and started hacking away to create civicrm.views.inc. You can get a copy of that file from our svn... Read more
19 June, 2008
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Following on Lobo's recent blog post about missing features in CiviCRM - we decided to take a closer look at what it would take to get basic "Pledge" functionality added to CiviContribute (and then evaluate how soon we could take that "leap").

The first step was reviewing the Pledge Requirements document / discussion which has been "evolving" on the wiki over the past year or so. Then I spent some time looking at some demos of Pledge functionality in other applications.

The result of these efforts is a Draft Specification for getting "offline" pledge features added to CiviContribute. The spec is not complete - screens/work-flow are still to be sketched out. But at this point, it would be great if folks who...

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