05 April, 2008
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There are many screens in CiviCRM where the options in one drop-down affect what you see in a second or third drop-down menu. For example, when you do an Import or Export, and select Email - you then get a second drop-down to select a location (Home, Work, etc.). The widget which we use for this is PEAR's Hierarchical Select. We have been looking for an Ajax-based replacement for this - and built one to manage Country -> State/Province selection in 1.8. However, we needed a solution that we could use for all cases and that could handle 2 OR 3 related drop-downs. Ajax solution should make screens load more quickly since we're not loading ALL the possible option / combinations at once. Being a beginner and wanting to learn and experiment with dojo, i thought of doing it as a side mini-project. On the way, i got stuck many times, with no hopes of ever completing it or moving forward. But clues from online searches and dojo... Read more
04 April, 2008
By lobo
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UPDATE: We have discontinued our use of UserVoice as of 12/11/2008

We've been trying to figure out a good structured and fair way of getting user input. We were pointed to UserVoice.com by Greg Heller at NTEN. UserVoice seems a fairly simple Web 2.0 site which does exactly that. Hopefully it has a decent search / sort / categoization system to handle an expanding list of features.

So hop on over to the CiviCRM UserVoice Page and add your voice. Make sure you spend some time and vote for a few other suggestions too :). Let us know what you think about it and if it seems a good way of collecting and prioritizing user input

04 April, 2008
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UPDATE: You can review detailed implementation specifications here and here ----
  • "We are an Association whose members are organizations. How can these organizations signup and renew their memberships online?"
  • "We get contributions from companies as well as individuals. How can we configure our online contribution pages to handle this?"
  • "How can we allow someone from an organization to update the organization's address and contact info?"
These are questions that have come up over the past year from users - most recently with Emily Frazier who works on Public-access media related sites, and participated in our New Orleans Boot Camp. Working through real use cases and options with Emily was very helpful - and we think we've come up with an approach that makes sense.... Read more