03 January, 2009
By lobo
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The team has been focused on doing a pretty extensive QA cycle for the CiviCRM 2.2 release. We have approx 10 issues to resolve and another 10 issues to verify. 2.2 seems to be looking quite good so far :). The list of features, improvements and schedule is on the 2.2 wiki page

We do need a lot of community help to debug and ensure the quality of 2.2. Please take some time to test some of your favorite features on the CiviCRM 2.2 Sandbox. We do a code update of the sandbox on a daily basis and a database refresh a couple of times a week. We plan to have an alpha release in the next week or so. Would also help the team a lot if folks picked a few new features...

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09 December, 2008
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Coding has been completed for the phase 1 features of CiviCase - our new case management component, and we're deep into a quality assurance cycle as I type this. (If you haven't been following the evolution of this project, you can check out earlier posts here.) One of the cool things about CiviCase is that it allows organizations to configure workflows for the different types of cases they handle. We're implementing these work-flows for "physicians' health" cases in collaboration with our sponsor for the project - Physician Health Program of British Columbia. I'd also like to include sample configurations for several other case management settings when we release CiviCase as part of v2.2. For example, workflows for organizations who provide housing assistance, or family services or .... In order... Read more
09 December, 2008
By xavier
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Hello everyone, Tags are a powerful way of organising contacts, and you can use them to add topics of interest, type of organisations, type of donors... as you might already have discovered, you can quickly get a lot of them, and it becomes quite difficult to use them properly as soon as you have more than an handful. To solve that, you can now organise the tags and group them in a clearer hierarchy, much like what has been introduced for the groups on the 2.1 release. So instead of having a flat list of all the topics of interest, regions they work, type of organisations, and whatever you can use the tags for mixed and sorted by alphabetical order, you can have them nicely ordered by categories and sub categories, and find them more easily. A few months ago, we have been offered the possibility to elect what features we wanted most. The 3rd most chosen user suggestions is a more "ajaxified" interface for the contacts. I've taken that into account and instead of reloading... Read more
05 December, 2008
By michal

It's that time of year again!

No, not what you think. :-) It's the time of year when new a CiviCRM version is behind the door, and it has cool new features. Code freeze is going to be introduced any day now - and we'll move on to quality assurance, alphas, betas and other equally exciting stuff.

Let me briefly introduce you to two new 2.2 features: one of them already mentioned here and there - Personal Contribution Pages (PCP), and a "last minute" addition - Soft Credits.

To present one of the aspects of usefulness of PCP, let me tell you about my approach to personal involvement with social campaigns... There are some that I personally would like to get involved with a bit more than just donating money. I would like these campaigns to grow, get the largest outreach possible and I'm even willing to put some personal time into it. However, I usually do not have enough of it to volunteer. CiviCRM's new Personal Contribution Pages (PCP) feature can be helpful in...

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23 November, 2008
By lobo
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CiviMail is getting another major upgrade in 2.2. Some of the features coming in 2.2 include:
  • PHP return channel solution. This feature should enable more folks to install and run CiviMail. This will obsolete our amavisd return channel solution. No perl or sys admin / root access expertise needed any more :)
  • Adding CiviMail as an "action" to search results. This feature will allow folks to send a mailing to a "dynamic smart group" and alleviate the need to create multiple groups just for civimail purposes. Thus if you want to send a targeted mailing to all the folks in the 94135 zip code in your "we want more green trees" group, you enter the relevant search parameters (check the group and type the zip code), do the search and invoke the "Send Bulk Email" action. You can read more about this issue here
  • ...
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13 November, 2008
By lobo
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Our global meeting resulted in some new features being added to 2.2. Our team worked on a new jQuery based country/state selector and incorporating hook(s) to the "amount" functionality of online contribution and event registration pages. I'll give a brief description of the feature set and functionality of these projects

New jQuery based State Country widget

Our previous widget was a dojo based combo box widget. Both the country and the state were ajax based combo boxes. The state combo box was dependent on the value chosen in the country combo box. This implementation was quite complex and not easily replicated (hence u did not see the widget in many places). For 2.2 we took a slightly different approach: The country field is a simple html select box (the values are restricted by the countries configured in the admin area). The state selector is now dynamic and refreshed with new values whenever the country is changed. We took inspiration and borrowed a fair part of the... Read more
10 November, 2008
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One of the mini-projects that we worked on during our San Francisco meetup / code sprint was improving the way name and address data is handled during payment transactions (e.g. online contributions, membership signup and event registration). Our goals were:
  • Prevent name, email address and postal address information collected during a payment transaction from over-writing existing "non-billing-related" data.
  • Store the billing name and address info for EACH transaction - so that it can be retrieved for audit / reconciliation purposes.
  • Set a foundation for a more "shopping-cart" style interface where logged in users can select from a set of previously used billing locations.
We iterated through a number of ideas for how to meet these goals - and settled on the idea of creating a "read-only" record of address and billing name for each contribution record in the address table. This required only one simple schema change (adding an... Read more
03 November, 2008
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CiviCase is a new component for CiviCRM targeted at organizations who provide case management services. It is being developed In partnership with the Physician Health Program of British Columbia (PHP-BC). In addition to providing funding for this project, PHP-BC is providing invaluable domain expertise and the current plan is for their staff to start using CiviCase in January 2009. You can learn more about how this project got started and the project goals from these blog posts and the requirements overview. CiviCase Phase 1 is a major part of the upcoming 2.2 release - and several members of the core team are gathered in San Francisco this month working on bringing it to life. Last week we had a two day "in-person" meetup with PHP-BC folks (Andrew Clarke, Claire Sauve, and Dave D) where we reviewed work in... Read more
02 November, 2008
By lobo
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The CiviCRM core team is currently meeting in San Francisco. We tend to meet 2-3 times a year. These meetings help us crank out a few large projects as a group and also help improve our communication when we return to our respective home bases. The focus of the San Francisco meetup has been on CiviCase, US PIRG projects and a few features from the 2.2 roadmap.

Our group (kurund, yashodha and me) have been working on extending custom groups with two new features. In 2.2 a custom group can be designated to hold multiple values. This allows a contact (or relationship/group/activity) to have a 1 to n relationship with a custom group. One use cases for this is storing educational history of a contact. A custom group with...

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21 October, 2008
By shot
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I’m happy to report a PHP counterpart to imap2soap is coming in CiviCRM 2.2, so the handling of CiviMail’s return channel should be much easier in the future (ideally as simple as setting up a cronjob).

There are also other CiviMail improvements and changes in 2.2 (kudos to U.S. PIRG for their sponsorship!) which I plan to unveil in upcoming post(s), but let’s concentrate on the return channel for now.

The solution will be based on UI-configurable mail sources, and the idea is that every now-and-then – depending on your cron settings – the CiviMail processor will poll the source and take care of all the emails found there, either by processing them or ignoring. The processing will be done by using local API calls, so will also work on PHP installs lacking the SOAP support.

In the case of IMAP accounts, the emails from Inbox...

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