19 October, 2008
By kurund
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Lately there has been lot of confusion using Name, Title/Label and Value. There is also a lot of inconsistency in code and database, hence we are planning to fix it in CiviCRM v2.x release.

Lets take an example of Participant Status, 'Registered'. In this case Name will be 'Registered', value will be an integer from 1..N (this depends on each install) and Label/title can be "Registered" or "I will come" etc. (or a localized version of the word/phrase).

Basic rules are:

  • Name: This is fixed value and cannot be changed by user. This is used internally in the code base to do certain actions. This will typically be in english.
  • Title/Label: This is user editable field and can be translated. This will be displayed in the system.
  • Value: Actual value that is stored in database.

There are few tables where we have adopted correct approach, like "civicrm_option_value". In this table we have separate fields name...

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13 October, 2008
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CiviCamp day1 started with good number of participants with a total count of 14. We started with introduction and complaints about civicrm. Most of the complaints were about APIs, upgrades and support of previous versions. Discussions on APIs are scheduled for day2. Regarding upgrades it looked that older version (1.9 or below) generally have problems with upgrades since it requires some technical expertise. Walt was working towards developing a tool which could tell in advance if there are potential problems with the db which could make the upgrade fail. With this interesting idea, the group figured out a way to tell in advance whether the data fulfill all the foreign key constraints required by schema, so that user don't have to attempt the upgrade multiple times. Dan and group, was working on jQuery and UI improvements. There were a few suggestions on improvements to the general CiviCRM UI, for example the bad user experience regarding tables that overflow... Read more
18 September, 2008
By lobo
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So the good folks at USPIRG our continuing their support of CiviCRM and are sponsoring quite a few cool features for CiviCRM v2.2. In case you were not aware, they also sponsored quite a few cool features for 2.1.

I had a long conversation with our USPIRG contact, Wes Morgan, on the feature list for 2.2. The wiki page has all the details (we'll add more details and issues over a period of time), but here are a few highlights that i think the community would love and appreciate :)

  • Integrating imap2soap.pl into the main code base. This software was community contributed and the core team did not have the skills/expertise/energy to support it....
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24 August, 2008
By lobo
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The CiviCRM team branched off v2.1 late last week. We hope to knock off most of the remaining v2.1 issues over the next few days and release the the first beta candidate. Please do help us out by downloading and testing the release OR testing it on our sandbox site. Your help does help make it a more solid and stable release.

This also means that the core team can start working on CiviCRM v2.2. After a 6 week code freeze / QA / alpha cycle, the developer team is typically ready to go and start working on new things. The list of currently open issues for 2.2 can be found on our issue tracker. Please do...

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