31 August, 2011
By lobo
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We've been having a great gathering and an incredibly productive code sprint at wonderful Cawthorpe, UK. Thanx to Dave Moreton from Circle Interactive for organizing the logistics and making this event possible.

Over the past few weeks, at least 6 people have asked a very similar question on the forums. I want to extend the results from the Contact / Contribute / Member search form and display these fields instead of my least favorite fields. For example, users want to see the organization and job title of their contacts in the search form instead of country and post code. Or the total amount someone has contributed to the organization as part of the contribution search results. We had a few ways of doing this, but not very elegant.

I wanted to address and solve this during the code sprint. I looked at the code and initially came up with two hooks: one for the search headers and one for the search results....

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29 August, 2011
By Eileen
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The transition to Drupal 7 is probably the biggest challenge this year for the Drupal community. As discussed in previous blogs the intention has been that 3.4 would be the last release supporting Drupal 6. Unfortunately many sites aren't ready to upgrade to Drupal 7. The hidden risk of this is that if a sizeable portion of CiviCRM sites are not using 4.1 then the number of people testing, fixing & enhancing 4.1 will be much reduced. The cost of not having a drupal 6 release is likely to be higher than the cost of having one - even for Drupal 7 and Joomla! sites.


One of the things we have looked for at the codesprint has been Tim Otten's suggestion of supporting Drupal 6 as a separate CMS (like Joomla! & WordPress). The good news is that we think that a Drupal 6 release for 4.1 is a realistic option. Of course resources will continue to be a problem so please commit to helping or...

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03 August, 2011
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The team is excited to annouce the release of 3.4.5 and 4.0.5. We strongly recommend reviewing the 3.4/4.0 highlights post, where you will find out what’s new and hot in 3.4/4.0 release in general. This release has 130+ bug fixes and...

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24 July, 2011
By scolson



A client approached us with a specific need; to allow for the concept of “teams” in event registration. In addition to tracking team groups, they wanted to automatically send the team captain an email notifying them of a new team member. Unfortunately at this time, Civi does not have a great mechanism to automatically track teams in the context of event registrations.


Normally we would implement this using Personal Campaign Pages. After all, a team is the same concept as a PCP, right? Currently, though, CiviCRM does not support Personal Campaign Pages being associated with events. Rather than hack custom data to somehow support this, which was our main alternative, we thought it would be a better idea and a stronger solution to make the updates necessary to PCP so that they would work for events as easily as they do for contribution pages.


After an engineering review of...

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12 July, 2011
By xavier
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We are having a discussion on the API group about the current limitations of the framework used in civicrm for the ORM and DB layer (pear DB_DataObject and DB... ).

If you are not familiar with the BAO/DAO structure, you might want to read this blog  post (written in 2006) first.

Beside a general dislike of the existing framework that show its age, we have identified several issues:

  • DB_Object as an ORM wasn't able to handle the complex queries needed, so they are various extra query classes. 
  • At various places, the developers worked around the ORM and generated the sql and used the DAO only to execute the query.
  • We aren't that often using the result as attributes of the object, but more often directy convert them to an array.
  • And anyway given all...
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24 June, 2011

For all you "customizers" out there - I wanted to highlight a cool new feature that is available as of the 3.4.3 / 4.0.3 release. You can now append jQuery functions, Smarty code, HTML (really anything) to any template without having to create a customized copy of the entire file. Wow - you say, "how the h?!# do I do that?"

All you need to do is put your "extra stuff" in a new file and save it as template_to_append_to.extra.tpl.

EXAMPLE: You want to add some jQuery to hide a few of the fields in the Contact Edit form - Contact.tpl.
1. Configure your Custom Templates directory
2. Create the directory structure in your custom templates directory (CRM/Contact/Form)
3. Write your jQuery script and save it in a file called Contact.extra.tpl

Voila - your jQuery script will be appended to the standard Contact.tpl template!

One heads up … if your file contains Javascript (as it probably will), you will need to start your "...

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23 June, 2011

CiviCRM 3.4.4 and 4.0.4 has just been released and both are available for download. This release fixes security vulnerabilities in the 3.4.3 / 4.0.3 release, helping to harden your system. We recommend you upgrade immediately to realize these improvements. You can also try them out on the public demos: Drupal 6 / Drupal 7 and Joomla 1.5 / Joomla 1.6 sites. The newest CiviCRM...

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14 June, 2011
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CiviCRM 3.4.3 and 4.0.3 has just been released and both are available for download. You can also try them out on the public demos: Drupal 6 / Drupal 7 and ...

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05 June, 2011
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A great thing in CiviCRM v3.4 and v4.0 is that for Joomla! users there is a new helper file that makes it very easy to access the CiviCRM API. That combined with version 3 of the API makes it easier than ever to put CiviCRM data anywhere in your site. I'm going to show you how I made a module that shows the groups a logged in user is a member of. Because it uses the API this can display on any page whether or not it is a CiviCRM page.

A few notes before I start. This is going to be a Joomla! 1.6 module. Also, I did have to make a slight change to administrator/components/com_civicrm/helpers/api.php, changing 
$this->civiInit( );
self::civiInit( );
at line 31. Also I'm going to make this module Joomla! style, which means that it can have a layout override or alternative layout.

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02 June, 2011
By kurund
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CiviCRM 3.4.2 and 4.0.2 releases includes 100+ bug fixes since the 3.4.1 / 4.0.1 release. Both versions are now available for download. You can also try them out on the public demos: Drupal 6 / Drupal 7 and Joomla 1.5 / Joomla 1.6 sites. We strongly recommend reviewing the 3.4/4.0 highlights post, where you will find out what’s new and hot in this release. The newest CiviCRM versions are:

  • 4.0.2 for Drupal 7 and Joomla 1.6
  • 3.4.2 for Drupal 6 and Joomla 1.5

Important information for...

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