07 April, 2016
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The Mandrill email sending service, which a lot of CiviCRM sites were using as a cheap and reliable way to send emails, recently announced major changes in their operations and pricing structure that will certainly make it a lot less attractive to CiviCRM site owners.

But Sparkpost, another major email sending platform, stepped up to the plate in order to attract Mandrill customers and announced plans that include up to 100,000 free emails per month, which will be in effect for the life of the account. Clearly a very attactive offer, specifically as SparkPost is an email delivery service created by Message Systems, one of the leaders in (MTA) platforms designed for sending and receiving large volumes of...

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29 March, 2016

There are two powerful modules used in the Drupal world for creating fast custom searches. Search API is a framework which provides an interface for site builders to create custom searches on any entity known to Drupal. It supports several search backends, including Apache Solr and native database search. It has a flexible API so developers can easily extend, customize, and alter aspects of the search process. Many additional contrib modules are available. Using these techniques, searching millions of records becomes fast and efficient.

The Facet API module allows site builders to easily create and manage faceted search interfaces. In addition to the UI components that standard, themers and module developers can build their own widgets, or alter the...

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18 March, 2016

It's becoming a common request from our clients to find user-friendly ways to integrate CiviCRM data with the rest of their Drupal website functionality. Oftentimes content creators without direct user access to CiviCRM need to do simple things, such as create, update, and delete contacts in simple, specific ways. 

Example Use Case

A hypothetical organization advertises various community service projects that they organize and coordinate. Each service project can have it's own page, created by adding a Project content type to display a description, images, videos, slideshows or other information for each project. You'll probably use a View to show multiple Project listings on a page. All that is standard Drupal site building content and functionality. No problem.

But what if the organization wants to display to the user the Project Coordinator(s), which they also want to store in...

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10 March, 2016

CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which greatly enhances CiviCRM integration with Drupal. This module exposes many CiviCRM entities as true Drupal entities. That means that almost any module can use Drupal entities. As a result, these modules can access and manipulate CiviCRM data directly from within Drupal via Drupal’s Entity API. This includes many commonly used modules such as Views, Rules, Search API, Entityqueue, Entity Reference, and many more.

CiviCRM Entity was originally developed by Eileen McNaughton from Fuzion....

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03 November, 2015
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The latest releases of CiviCRM 4.6 and 4.4 LTS include 2 moderately critical security fixes. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest version to keep your site as secure as possible.

The latest versions are now available for downloading AND you can try them out on the demo site.

What's New In CiviCRM 4.6

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14 October, 2015

For a lot of new users, CiviCRM can be confusing and intimidating: there are many menu options, the software can do so much, they simply don't know where to start, where to get help, how to ... Get Started with CiviCRM!

Cividesk decided to tackle this challenge and has created a new dashlet that will be displayed on each user's home screen. This dashlet does provide an 'orientation' screen with pointers to documentation, helpful resources as well as links to the community. Here is what is currently looks like:

This new Getting Started dashlet is part of the upcoming 4.7 release (and you can test it on the demo site), but will also be part of the next 4.6 and LTS...

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19 August, 2015

The latest releases of CiviCRM 4.6 and 4.4 LTS include 2 moderately critical security fixes. While these issues are unlikely to affect the average CiviCRM site, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version to keep your site as secure as possible.

The latest versions are now available for downloading AND you can try them out on the demo site.

What's New In CiviCRM 4.6

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28 July, 2015
By Eileen

IATS has been a payment processor extension with CiviCRM for quite a while and has been actively developed & supported. If you are using the IATS extension you can say a quiet thank you to Alan, Karin & Stephen & stop reading.


If, however, you have been using IATS since the dark days before it was an extension and never switched over then it's time to make that change to ensure your site stays secure. Use IATS & need to check? Go to administer -> customise data & screens -> manage extensions and look for IATS. If it says installed - refer to the quiet thank you above (or better yet make a quiet donation to CiviCRM :-).


If not it's time to install the IATS extension https://civicrm.org/extensions/iats-payments - Alan has generously offered to provide support anyone making the transition. You can log an issue on the github repo if you need help -...

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18 March, 2015
By Eileen
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4.4.13 introduced a regression which could adversely affect some sites so we are putting out 4.4.14.

The issue is here and affects 'some IPNs'. We recommend that you upgrade to this version of 4.4 if you are on the LTS. There is very little change in this from 4.4.13 and, as with other LTS releases, no database change.

For most users this is a precautionary upgrade. At this stage the only known processor affected is https://civicrm.org/extensions/eway-recurring-payment-processor-agileware. Processors not affected include the other eWay recurring extension, inbuilt ones like Paypal, Authorize.net, DPS, and extensions Omnipay, Cybermut and Paystation.

04 February, 2015
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The team is pleased to announce the sixth stable release of the incredible CiviCRM 4.5 series. 

» Issues fixed in 4.5.6

The LTS team is concurrently releasing 4.4.12 with several bug fixes.

» Issues fixed in 4.4.12

Both 4.5.6 and 4.4.12 are available from the CiviCRM.org downloads page, and you can also test drive the release on each platform using the public demos:

What's New In CiviCRM 4.5

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