Once upon a time there was a charity who was a visitor to both the lands of Xero and CiviCRM. This charity liked Xero and wanted contributions created in CiviCRM to be sent to the land of Xero. In the land of Xero these contributions would be called invoices and they would be matched with payments. Upon their return to CiviCRM all would know about their paid status and events would be confirmed and emails would go out and all would be be well. They spake with a mighty sorceress from the far-away do-ocracy of Fuzion and verily this came to pass.

At this time the wizard of Xero was little known and although others came seeking the path they found it tortuous, hard-coded and drupal 6 specific. But, as the prowess of Xero grew, more came seeking. Enter the Circle - a brave gladiator called Andy from Circle Interactive set out on the quest of building a bridge for users of Drupal 7 to the growing kingdom of Xero. Like many brave adventures this charted new territory and widened the path for others to follow. And back Fuzion marched into the fray. Building on the original ideas and new ones from Andy's and making it greater and re-writing the code as an ...... an extension!

Yes, those intrepid adventurers have created a new path for seekers of Xero - CiviXero as an extension. Those who seek wisdom, screenshots and explanation should read the scroll here

Practictioners of the dark-arts of coding may be able to read the secrets extracted from it & encoded below

- CiviXero extension requires CiviAccountSync to track the synchronisation - CiviXero uses api & scheduled jobs to run the sync - CiviXero is extendable via hook (& generally some customistaion if required)

The path to the land of Xero is not for the faint hearted but on the other side lies the reward of having payments magically encoded into a system of accounts. Some may live happily ever after.....






Woo! Finally a valid reason to use Xero :)

Writing a fairy tale with a CRM and an accounting softare as the main characters... I'll read it to my son tonight, I'll let you know how it went.

Eileen is brave, very brave.


Timing could be impecable as we just wrapped up moving over to Xero; a key question is this extension only on Drupal at the moment or is it cross platform?  (I'm on Wordpress)

It is an extension (ie. cross-platform) & it is publicly available (check the links in the above) but will require some skill & effort on your part

Would be great if this integration were acknowedged on the Xero website, which lists at https://www.xero.com/au/add-ons/crm/ a whole bunch of CRM systems thatit does hook upwith, with the notable exception of CiviCRM.