I have selected this extension to review because the description looked really cool! So it made me curious.

Cividesk sync for Google Apps

More information on the extension is here : http://civicrm.org/extensions/google-apps-sync. The module has been developed by Nicolas Ganivet from Cividesk. I have reviewed version 1.0 of the extension.

Documentation **

My score is 2 stars. The documentation explains what the extension should do. There is no real installation or configuration documentation, although it does state you need a Google Apps for Business account (bummer). There is a help file with the template (good!) The info.xml file can be more informative in my opinion. The licensing is not really clear and the main extension link is to the Cividesk home site.

Functionality ***

My score is 3 stars. Personally really nice as it might help me get my contacts on my phone....if I had a Google Apps for Business account. For our customers, I would guess that most of them would use Outlook for their contacts and would prefer a CiviMobile extension to get their contacts on mobile devices. I could not get into the depth of the functionality as I do not have a Google Apps for Business account.

Code QA **

My score is 2 stars. Basically looks sound enough with the known CiviCRM code structures. Could do with a little more documentation in the source. I do get a lot of notices after install (Undefined index: oauth_email in CRM_Admin_Form_Setting_GoogleApps->_checkOAuth() (line 179 of /var/www/ontwikkel/sites/all/modules/civicrm_extensions/sync.googleapps-1.0/CRM/Admin/Form/Setting/GoogleApps.php).)

Ease of use **

My score is 2 stars.Got not get it set up because I do not have a Google Apps for Business account. Configuration page looks OK though :-)

Overall **

Nice extension on the personal level. Very useful if I do run into a customer that uses Google Apps for Business....but I have not had any yet!



Thanks for this review and your comments. I agree with you on the poor documentation and will try to put something together for the next release of this extension. I will also fix the notices and cleanup the code as needed.

The requirement about needing a Google Apps for Business or Education account is a Google requirement. There is nothing we can do on our end, Google simply does not provide the 'Directory' feature and related APIs to the free accounts.