Reviewed version: 1.4 Link:

Documentation *

My score is 1 star. It is clear what this extension should do. But that is also where the documentation ends. There is no installation/configuration instruction. 

Functionality ***

My score is 3 stars. Very interesting functionality. At least for my own install of CiviCrM because I can sync my contacts in CiviCrM with my smartphone :-) If it is great functionality towards greater organizations and NGO I am not sure about that yet. 

Code QA ****

My score is 4 stars. The code is very good! The code looks like the rest of the code of CiviCrM so CiviCrM developers can maintain the code quite easy.

Ease of use *

My score is 1 star. I could not test this section because you need a Google Apps for Business or Education account. I have only a free google apps account. So I could not figure out where to set the OAuth key etc...


This extension is interessting but as I didn't get this extension to work I cannot give an overall review.  



Thanks for this review and your comments. I agree with you on the poor documentation and will try to put something together for the next release of this extension.

The requirement about needing a Google Apps for Business or Education account is a Google requirement. There is nothing we can do on our end, Google simply does not provide the 'Directory' feature and related APIs to the free accounts.


Thanks Nicolas!