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This extension is really usefull when you have donors who pay every month and or when you have direct debits with those donors. This extension let you set up an recurring contribution where you can decide if this contribution should recur every month, every year, every week. The actuall contributions are created 30 days in advance by a cron job and after a new contribution is created the next scheduled date for the recurring payment is set to the next date. You can then use those contribution to sent to your bank for direct debit, or you can use them to verify that commitments are met e.g. when someone has made a commitment to give every 20th day of the month you can see then if they have paid on the actual date.

Documentation **

I gave 2 stars. The documentation is straight forward and is in a separate blog post but linked from the extension page. There is no installation or configuration documentation available which should be because a cron job needs to be setup to get this extension working properly! However this is explained in the user interface.

Functionality ****

I gave 4 stars. The functionality of this extension is very good! And least this extension provides a better way for recording the recurring contribution than pledges are. Pledges are rarely used in a Ducth/European context. Therefore it also integrates better with bank payment files, such as the new SEPA Direct Debit etc.. However one thing is missing and that is the financial type. 

Code QA ***

I gave 3 stars. The code is very good! And at a first grasp you can see a really craftsman at work. Sometimes the code looks a bit complicated and could be simplified for reading it and maintainability.

Ease of use ***** 

I gave 4 stars. The extension works as expected! And is easy in use. Until I saved an recurring payment then I got an database error. Probably because something is changed between version 4.3.5 (where I have seen this working) and version 4.4.2 (my review environment). 


This is an extension which European users should use!


I'm happy you're doing these reviews, but I'd like to request a bit more information on what exactly the extension does. I have no idea whether the module would be useful to me, which is the main reason I would read a review.



Hey Joseph,

You are right the description in what the extension exactly does is missing.