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We like free things as much as you…

Like free speech and free beer. But, let’s be honest, beer doesn’t grow on trees and even freedom of speech has come with a very high price tag. Like these two examples, there’s a cost to produce, maintain and consistently improve CiviCRM. You have a choice right now to support this incredible project and to ensure that it continues to power the work and the impact of the 9,400+ organizations that rely on it.

We know that it’s easy not to donate, but just because CiviCRM is free to download doesn’t mean that it’s free of risk. After all, if too few organizations give back, then the project stops. At some point the software you downloaded for free becomes increasingly obsolete. Not just for you organization, but for those other 9,400+ organizations that are also bent on positively impacting this world. These aren’t scare tactics. This is just reality.

CiviCRM builds software that is available for free. And while ‘free’ can be a powerful incentive, ‘giving back’ is a meaningful action that truly impacts both the project itself and those that rely on it. You have the choice right now to act and to help sustain CiviCRM, or increase the risk that it will one day soon stop altogether.

We’ll always be proud of the work we’ve done. We still have so much to do, but we can’t do it without your support. 
~ CiviCRM Core Team

The Core Team is committed to 2 major releases each year, not to mention minor updates, fixes and ongoing support. For each major release, we will ask for your support in order to help sustain the project.
If every active organization that used CiviCRM donated just $65 a year, the project would be fully funded and fully sustainable. We're doing our part at IMBA as a member to ensure that CiviCRM remains viable not just for our organization, but for yours too. We hope you will join us.
~ Evan Chute, IMBA