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CiviCRM is the most popular open source CRM for nonprofits in the world. And while CiviCRM is free for you to download, use and extend, it isn't free for the Core Team to maintain, support or improve upon. The thousands of organizations that use CiviCRM not only rely on it today, they count on it being more stable, more functional and more usable tomorrow. Your use of CiviCRM ensures that your organization benefits of a powerful, robust and highly customizable CRM to fulfill their mission. Your contribution to CiviCRM ensures that the project, the community and each organization that relies on CiviCRM will continue to thrive. Make a donation before downloading or consider becoming a member today. ~ CiviCRM Core Team

$132,896* needed to reach sustainability

When we say ‘sustainable’, we mean the amount needed annually to ensure that CiviCRM can continue to develop and improve as the leading open source CRM in the world. Though it is open source, CiviCRM requires a fraction of what other CRM’s need to continue. The CiviCRM Core Team has raised $404,134* so far this year, however more is needed to ensure that over 10,097 organizations worldwide can continue to count of CiviCRM. Support the project today.

* We currently update these numbers on a monthly basis.

One time contributions of $216 or more on behalf of an organization will be applied toward CiviCRM Membership.
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Currently, approximately 3% of users donate before downloading, and only .5% have become members of CiviCRM. Like we said, it’s free to use, but this project has benefited from the funds and work put in by others who have preceded you. Donating now helps provide the ongoing support for improvements and maintenance.

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With over 10,097 organizations using CiviCRM, it's truly an open source CRM that does a world of good.

CiviCRM is California based Limited Liability Company. It is not a charity, though it operates as a not for profit organization and is investigating the transition to a benefit corporation or similar business structure. Learn more about the Core Team behind CiviCRM, how it operates and how the project is performing.