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Am Kölner Brett 8
50825 Köln , NW
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The Academy delivers training courses on conflict management. These range from a few days to several months. The most extensive courses have to be applied for, and the application process is quite sophisticated. It implies various steps or levels, a significant number of personnel is involved, and a lot of communication between staff and applicants has to take place.

With a significantly growing number of course applications, the existent procedures did not seem to produce satisfying results anymore. Keeping track of the status and history of every application and doing the right thing at the right time became increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

This project helped the organisation by

  1. clarifying and standardizing their business processes as a prerequisite
  2. supporting the effective and efficient execution of these processes with CiviCase.

As a result, the course application processes could be carried out in an efficient and reliable manner again.

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CiviCase and its ability to support customized processes (chains of acitivities). Activities can be assigned to staff members, thus handing over the process responsibility in a reliable way to the next staff person.


  • to have clearly defined, efficient processes in place that were transparent to every staff person involved
  • to be able to monitor the processes in real time
  • for every staff person to spot their cases and tasks immediately


Getting the principles of process management across and implementing process standards. Once you have a proper process definition in place, the rest is not that complicated. CiviCase is a solid solution for mapping and supporting business processes.

Developed by

  • project manager
  • educational staff of the organisation
  • administrative staff of the organisation

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

The organisation was using CiviCRM in other areas already.