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Complete revamp of the club's back office systems & processes

American Women's Club of Zurich

Schöntalstrasse 8
8004 Zürich

The AWCZ is a 100% volunteer based organization that manages approx 500 members, 100's of events per year, a library, fundraining as well as many social gatherings. In the past, the whole organization was managed with multiple tools, excel lists and custom databases, with no view or control of the overall club's operations. CiviCRM and a new Joomla website solved all their problems.

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On Joomla

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Member now have an online directory as well as can manage their own personal infos, their profiles & registrations.


To help automate the club's processes, reduce the time needed form the volunteers as well as improve the overall management & reporting of the club's activities.


Training the users, as a certain level of system & technology understanding is required to work with the system. In addition, many members / users are only temporarily in Switzerland and have a regular turnover.

Developed by

Executive committee of the AWCZ as well as two members of the Nexell team.

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

Yes, custom DBs, Joomla add-in modules as well as VtigerCRM / SugarCRM.