CiVICRM for Indian Political Party

An Indian Political Party

The organization is a Indian political party. On front end they did not have a right, scalable CMS and backend No CRM. They were running multiple sites like one for news other for blogs other one for members etc.  They had scattered data of their members, donors and volunteers in different database one for each state chaptors. The central administration never able to have full visibility of data and were not able to make right decisions related to election campaigns, Fundraising programs, membership signup and expiration etc.
There was a huge gap in the communication between member, donors, volunteers. There was no way to keep the track of internal communication using system. All use to be done manually. They were not having a tool to run proper election campaign and was seek a solution for election campaign also.      
We offered them the right Solution CIVICRM. Initially they were hesitant to take a open source solution but after demonstration and discussion with our CTO and Adaptive IT team, they decided to go ahead.   

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The main concern of the organization was its inability to target its constituents, members, volunteers donors with newsletters and other communications and te scattered data. Most of the data was managed in excel sheets. They had no proper system to run election campaign, Fundraising campaign and evaluate effectiveness of campaigns.
CIVICRM solution that we offered improved functionality that allowed workers to better capture and manage member information. The solution also enabled the organization to track the activities of the constituents, including when donations were made, the political events a member wanted to attend, and the subscription lists a member wanted to belong to. 
In addition, CiviCRM offer a mailing and SMS feature improved ability to communicate quickly and effectively with its members, with reduction of man hours so increasing productivity 


  • To create a centralize database for CIVICRM to get data from multiple Drupal sites.
  • Cross domain CIVI data display by developing CIVICRM  Web services
  • Development of a Mobile App to sync and collect Voter list data
  • Data migration of 120k contact records,  50k members record.
  • Data Access Control  based on the state chaptor. Admin from one state cannot view the data of other state
  • Customization of membership id format. Addition of prefix and sufix.
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Dvelop the functionality to download Donation receipt by donors
  • Provision to create Membership Card dynamically as member enter details

Developed by

The project team was made up with well experienced developers from Adaptive IT's CRM Division and Client BA, Business user, Client PM.

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

We at Adaptive IT always recommend CIVICRM for all our Nonprofit organization clients as based our 4+ yrs experience with CIVICRM we can say this is on of the best solution which meet the nonprofits needs though you require good technical and domain knowledge to implement it. We evaluated SugarCRM and Salesforce for nonprofit earlier.