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Art for Impact is a small arts-based nonprofit organization that celebrates the power of art for social change.  They do this through hosting interdisciplinary art events that are focused on raising awareness and support for other nonprofits doing powerful work across the world.  

As an arts group that raises funds by selling tickets to events, AFI has used a number of different services - EventBrite, Brown Paper Tickets, and so forth.  Following an unfortunate experience with one provider and a bounced cheque payment, AFI explored alternatives.  The Incipe Cooperative was able to leverage a CiviCRM installation in short order, allowing AFI to set up a CiviCRM event, sell tickets through the online interface, and quickly transition a mailing list numbering in the multi-hundreds to a CiviCRM group that allowed for CiviMail distributions.

The flexibility of CiviCRM to allow for online donations, mailings, contact management, event management, and so much more has provided AFI a set of tools that would otherwise be worth many tens of thousands of dollars.  

AFI's first event using CiviCRM was a smashing success, and raised nearly two thousand dollars in one night - including donations facilitated by CiviCRM that would not necessarily have been forthcoming otherwise.


The event management functionality was the key driver behind the project; contributions, communciations, and contact management were all additional perks.


The intitial promise of this project was event management - pure and simple. AFI was looking for a replacement for other ticketing solutions.


The biggest challenge was data transition - the organization was moving from a myriad of other data management solutions to one centralized solution, meaning that data needed to be transitioned.

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The project team was made up of an Incipe Cooperative consultant and representatives from the client.

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

Other CRMs were evaluated, but CiviCRM won out because of the consultant's experience with the software and the cost factor.