Event management for fly fishing retreats

Casting for Recovery UK and Ireland

CfR provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by breast cancer to gather on retreat in a natural setting and learn the sport of fly fishing. Just as importantly, the retreats offer an opportunity to meet new friends, network, exchange information, and have fun.

The weekend retreats incorporate advice, educational services and relaxation techniques.  The retreats are delivered by trained facilitators including a psycho-social therapist, a health care professional (e.g. physiotherapist, nurse), as well as qualified fly fishing instructors and fishing guides.

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CfR managed the promotion of events offline. They took email and telephone inquiries and then let potential attendees know about dates and sent them an application form. This process was labour intensive and unwieldy.

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Why did this project use CiviCRM?

Using CiviCRM, we put the event system entirely online. We built a new website based on Drupal 7 with a public view of events created in CiviCRM. This allowed women interested in the retreats to apply online. CfR could then track attendance and waiting lists using CiviCRM’s powerful events module.

Crucially, CfR now have a central and unified database of contacts. This saves them loads of time and allows them to improve the quality of their relationships with the women they support.