Developing an Online Application System for Clore Leadership

Clore Leadership

Somerset House Strand
WC2R 1LA London
United Kingdom

The CiviCRM partner Northbridge Digital have worked with Clore Leadership to develop an online application system which allows them to run multiple application programs. As an organisation Clore Leadership run an annual Fellowship Programme and additional intensive short courses. The Programme is the UK's first cross-disciplinary leadership programme for the cultural and creative sector.

All courses are heavily over subscribed and Clore Leadership ask applicants to complete complex applications online. Applicants can login via the online portal and complete applications in stages over a period of time. They can only submit their application once all of the application stages have been completed. Application data is stored as CiviCase data in the CRM and staff can monitor the status of applications via custom moderator screens.

The application process also requires other user types to login and work on the application data via the online portal. 
Each applicant provides details of a nominator; nominators receive automated emails which invite them to login. Once logged in nominators can see which applicants they need to provide evidence for. 
Once an application has been submitted Clore staff assign an external assessor to each application.
External assessors also login to the online portal. They then access custom assessor screens where they can score each section of an application in turn and also download full PDF versions of each application.

All assessor and nominator data is also stored within each applicants CiviCase.

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