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With Drupal & CiviCRM for a more democratic European Union!

Democracy International e.V.

Friedrich-Ebert-Ufer 52
51143 Cologne

"For a Europe of the Citizens - Against a Europe of the Banks and Governments"

We - citizens from all the Member States of the EU - are concerned. We are concerned about Europe. We don’t want a Europe in which the governments and the financial markets have more influence over our future than the citizens themselves. We don’t want a Europe in which the sovereign citizens are reduced to the role of spectators." (Democracy International e.V.)

To meet the needs of the newly founded Democracy International e.V. we firstly implemented Drupal 7 and CiviCRM 4 to have a web-front-end for the public and a web-backend for managing members and supporters of Democracy International that already were associated with the German founding organization "Mehr Demokratie e.V.

We imported over 4.000 addresses from a legacy Filemaker database into CiviCRM, configured CiviCRM to send out a monthly Newsletter to its subscribers. Additionally we started individual campaigns to collect the support for different online petitions.

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On Drupal

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  • Democracy International e.V. Cologne, Germany


Drupal for public web and campaign front-end and CiviCRM for all constituent relationship management needs.


To have all the tools available to manage the daily needs of Democracy International e.V. and to implement timely limited campaigns to help building awareness for direct democracy in Europe. And to keep all systems always up-to-date and secure (Drupal & CiviCRM upgrades and maintanance)

The next step will be a huge re-launch of their website ( with the lates Drupal and CiviCRM versions and the implementation of all needed online payment processes to manage donors and memberships throughout the world.


To fulfill the different needs for connecting a suitable payment processor with CiviCRM and Drupal.

Developed by

The project team consisted of two members from the client (Democracy International e.V.) and me, Gerhard Oels for all Drupal and CiviCRM needs. No overhead, efficient communication and workflows resulted in a short time-to-market span. And BTW good fun during the project.

""Drupal and CiviCRM are now our "central-nervous-system" to manage our organization successfully thanks to the great work Gerhard Oels did for us.""

Ronald Pabst, Operating Officer

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

Because of the tight integration of Drupal and CiviCRM and the "political will" to use only Open Source solutions both CiviCRM and Drupal were favoured against other solutions like Salesforce or Salsa, etc.