Members and donations management system

Ecology Action Centre

Halifax , NS
Nova Scotia CA

Since 1971, the EAC has been working to build a healthier, more sustainable Nova Scotia. The Ecology Action Centre works closely with social and natural scientists and makes strong use of science in communicating its message to the public. In order to support their work, EAC provides membership options and donations, both accessible through online forms. CiviCRM is used to keep in touch with members through the mass-mailing capacity, recording of activities and required follow-ups, customizable reports and searches.

Since CiviCRM was implemented in 2011, the EAC staff and volunteers feel more confortable using the system for their daily tasks, reaching out to constitents and building a strong support base. Also, several key factors look really good, for example:

  • EAC membership base doubled within the last 3 years
  • Memberships that were not renewed decreased 30% because of the automated membership expiry reminders and ease of online renewals
  • The number of different contributions recorded through CiviCRM (online donations, membership payments, etc.) increased 3 times!
  • We increased from 0 mailings to 150 mailings per year
  • Contact base size increased 10x
  • The number of online donations increased 30%
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On Drupal

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Membership management, donations management, mass mailing functionality.


To fix already installed CiviCRM system that was never configured to meet EAC needs and to enable EAC staff to manage the application through training and customization.


Multiple needs that CiviCRM can meet but that require time and money to implement - therefore requiring us to divide the project implementation stages into "must have" and "nice to have" and slowly going though that list.

Developed by

Freeform Solutions team (project manager and CiviCRM specialist/developers), Ecology Action Centre team that is present during all Project Management meetings (Agile PM style)

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM was chosen because it was already installed. At the same time, our expertise with CiviCRM and previous experience indicated that CiviCRM was a best application to do the job.