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Suite 15 Enterprise House, Kingsway North Team Valley
NE11 0SR Gateshead
United Kingdom

EMIS National User Group is an organization primarily of local GP Practices (Doctor's surgeries) in the UK, that are users of EMIS a software products used to manage GP surgeries and patient records.

They have 1400 primary members (organizations) and upwards of 8000 other members by employer relationship to pimary members. The solution enabled the organization to manage it's membership much more effectively and to begin the planned delivery of membership benefits.


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The group required a membership management solution that integrated into their CMS (Drupal), a marketing solution and a means of delivering membership benefits.


Transfering legacy data from Access into CiviCRM.

Developed by

Mark Caulfied, EMIS NUG Trustee

Lorraine Witherspoon, EMIS NUG Manager

Yvonne Quinn, EMIS NUG Administrator

Tony Horrocks, CiviCRM Consultant, Fabriko

Ebony Bain, CiviCRM developer, Fabriko


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

The organization had embarked on a custom solution with another provider which was not bearing fruit and did not integrate at all with Drupal. It was not scaleable and had very limited functionality. It was not fit for purpose.