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Fair Vote Canada (FVC) is a Canadian multi-partisan citizens' campaign for voting system reform. FVC promotes the use of fair and proportional voting systems for elections of all levels of government and throughout civil society. FVC is a small NGO, has been around since August 2000, and if you care about democracy, then they're well worth supporting. In April 2008 they had a starter Drupal site and a bunch of Excel spreadsheets that they used to manage their constituent relationships. We imported that data into CiviCRM, as per these more detailed notes. Since then they've made use of other features of CiviCRM to expand their constituency. The day after the 2011 federal election, their site went viral, drawing in 70,000 visitors, and converting about 7,000 of those to signups to their declaration.

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The use of profiles to get new signups to the declaration, and generating 'call sheets' of donor history for telephone outreach.


The primary goal was to simplify contact and donor administration.


The original spreadsheet layout didn't match up well with CiviCRM import layout (e.g. there were an indefinite number of columns containing donation information on the same sheet as the contact info.)

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Fair Vote Canada: Larry Gordon, Executive Directory, Blackfly Solutions: Alan Dixon


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

It was a natural fit.