Newsletter Management System

Frontline Partners with Youth Network

Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

FPYN was looking for a solution to tied up content published on the website (Drupal-based) with a system that would allow to email some of that content in a form of a newsletter. Custom module developed by Freeform Solutions helped meet the requirements and allows FPYN staff to manage and distribute their newsletters weekly.


Newsletter functionality that allows FPYN staff to control newsletter content, delivery time and receipients.


Deliver flexible system to support newsletter delivery and be easily extended in the future for other needs like online donations or membership management.


Development of a custom module that would allow to easily export website content into CiviCRM newsletters so that the output is properly formatted and there is no need to manually copy/paste existing content.

Developed by

Freeform Solutions team (project manager and CiviCRM specialists/developers) FPYN staff

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM proved many time to be the most flexible and extensible application therefore we use it for most implementations where CRM solutions are needed.