A perfect fit

Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA)

Enterprise House, Manchester Science Park, Lloyd Street North
M15 4EN Manchester
United Kingdom

INCA is a membership based association geared to the needs of businesses, local authorities and community organisations working on next generation broadband issues in the UK. INCA organises regular seminars on key topics of current and strategic interest to its constituency, and so has an adminsitrative requirement to manage memberships, events, communications, and contacts. MC3 was approached as INCA was being established, and we were invited to construct an interactive web-based platform that was integrated with INCA's website and which would enable the geographically disparate officers of INCA to effectively manage the association and its work. CiviCRM combined with Drupal looked to be an obvious fit.


No one factor was critical in its own right, but the overall mix of functionality provided a great fit with the organisational requirements.


To provide a simple low cost solution that would enable the orgnaisation to get up and running quickly, but which had the features and breadth to be able to grow with the developing needs of the organisation.


A geographically dispersed implementation team, coupled with limited time to get things up and running meant that we had to get a real in-dpeth understnading of what was needed early on, and then run with that, making many of the decisions along the way that we would normally bounce back to the client. It paid off in this case, with a very rapid time to market. 

Developed by

On the client side INCA's CEO very actively led the project, working in close partnership with our project lead, Graham Mitchell. We had creative input from other INCA team members and outsourced the visual design of the website, whilst we focussed our energies on workflows and creating an integrated system that would reduce admin overhead.

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM was chosen because of its feature set, it's web-based approach, and the low cost of implementation, with no licensing fees.