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Providing a new Website and Donation System for the Keswick 2 Barrow Walk

Keswick 2 Barrow Walk

LA14 Barrow
United Kingdom

Keswick 2 Barrow Walk is a volunteer run organisation who run an annual long distance walk which raises money for not for profits/charities. The 43 mile walk raises hundreds of thousands of Pounds for local causes.

The CiviCRM partner Northbridge Digital has developed a Drupal based CRM system for them with a lightweight website design which reflects both the walks long history (51 year history as of 2017) and the walk itself.

In order to take part people must create teams of up to 12 people. There are a number of complexities here which had to be built into the development. The system features are;

  • Ability to become a Drupal User/walk member with a unique 6 digit member number
  • Ability for people to create multiple teams via a simple Dashboard. They can then add other members to a team using their 6 digit reference numbers. People can only be added to a team if they are not barred or not already in another team (the system validates this).
  • Once added to a team members are informed and asked to make an event registration/booking payment (using CiviEvent).
  • Once a member has paid their event fee they are then sent a link to their individual donation page. This page can then be sent round friends and family. 
  • Members can also login to their Dashboard and see their current donations with names and messages.
  • They are also automatically listed on the website Donate page and can be searched by name or membership number. See (this page is seasonal, depending on when the walk is taking place). Each members donation page shows how much they have raised so far and allows people to donate. When donating people can choose to be anonymous.
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CiviCRM partner Northbridge Digital developed a Drupal based CRM system