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Migrating an Association Management System to CiviCRM

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The Missouri Credit Union Association is a non-profit organization promoting and protecting credit unions to meet the financial needs of members. The Missouri Credit Union Association allows credit unions, as unique organizations, the opportunity to meet the financial needs of members. An initial, comprehensive, strategic technology assessment performed by Confluence validated that there was a real opportunity to provide a comprehensive view of the organization’s relationships with its members and other constituents. In addition, technology could assist in improving the management of tasks and requests - being able to document the history of requests and how they were handled, and providing automation. The legacy association management system (Computility) cost the organization a significant amount in license fees every year. In addition, it was missing some key capabilities that would automate the business operations.


Constituent Data needs to be up to date. This was done by customized import capabilities, and allowing contacts the ability to update their their own information. Conditional discounts were made available for employees of certain Credit Unions for event registration Advanced search and custom reporting features for the constituents as well as events.


The project was scoped to include:

  • A brand new website design and information architecture
  • Implementation of new design with integrated CiviCRM funcions in an open source Content Management System
  • Improvement, streamlining and overall automation of the work processes used to manage constituents
  • Improving and streamlining the online communication with members
  • Customized, automated data import procedures for ensuring up-to-date directory information
  • Web-based, self-service membership application forms
  • Constitutent Relationship Management tracking
  • Integrated design templates for mass email templates
  • A dynamic calculation of event registration fees based on features of the registrant
  • A "Contact staff" form that routed requests based on the department
  • A dynamic listing of Chapter Affiliates
  • Advanced search and reporting features


There were a number of technical challenges to the project:

  • The requirements of the project necessitated including some relationship data in the user's profile.
  • Not all the plugins needed had been upgraded to Drupal 7. Had to upgrade few plugins.
  • We had to restrict event registration to be allowable only the Credit Unions available in CiviCRM.
  • To create workflow and significant automation in the events management process, multiple automated mails were included

Developed by

The client created a cross-functional team responsible for the overall management of the project. This team was headed up by a skilled project manager. The implementation team included designers, CiviCRM specialists, Drupal, project management, testing and training functions.

"BTW, you have an awesome employee in [...]. She has been such a knowledgeable and competent resource during this whole process. It has been a pleasure working with her!"

Kerri Smith, CUDE , Project Segue Leader


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM was chosen as the solution because:

  • The former CRM lacked integration with the website
  • CiviCRM presents a very cost-effective and highly customizable package
  • Advanced search and reporting features were needed Other CRMs including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM were looked at.