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Power to Change (PCM) runs surveys at college campuses to assess students' interest in faith-based issues throughout the year. For their Fall 2011 campaign, the collection and follow-up of contacts, through a survey approach at a booth with free giveaways, was conducted locally on college campuses. The goal was to collect about 30,000 names across 30 campuses and begin to engage these students. The CiviCRM system we developed allowed Power to Change's 100 employees and 400 volunteer leaders to enter data captured from the surveys. They could also access to the system to follow-up with students who enter the contest and request further dialogue with Power to Change. We used CiviEvent along with custom data and profiles to allow PCM to capture survey data, assign survey respondents to staff and volunteers, as well as easily access and track details on the respondents for further engagement.

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* They used a third-party Single Sign-On service to allow their volunteers to gain access to other online services. It was imperative that this functionality integrate with the Drupal site and provide appropriate access based on different user roles. * Being able to filter contacts and generate reports on custom fields with answers to survey questions. * Providing different access levels for team leaders, students, staff, etc. that allowed them to view certain information about their assigned survey participants.


The Student Life (Campus) division of Power to Change, Canada wanted to launch a “$1000 in change campaign” across 30 Canadian university campuses on September 1, 2011. They need to have a CRM developed that could handle the management of the follow-up generated from this campaign. Power to Change needed a system where they could enter data from contacts who had completed printed survey cards. Employees and volunteers would need a user-friendly way to find this contact information to facilitate follow-up.


The timeline was a challenge considering the custom work that was required. We started the project in mid-July and finished it at the end of August. Then, we offered a 14-day "fix-it" phase to resolve any issues that arose free of charge.

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The project team consisted of Data-Scribe and Power to Change Ministries. We also partnered with Web Access Global for the customization work and single sign-on integrations.


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

The client came to us requesting that we use CiviCRM with Drupal.