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1660 S Albion Street Suite 905
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Our client, Reach Out and Read Colorado reached out to us for help with their aging website. They were frustrated because their current website was completely inadequate when representing the values and passion they have for their mission. They were stuck in a box created by a volunteer who no longer associated with the organization and couldn't find their way out. 

The kicker is that the platforms they were using were a good fit for them. They were already using CiviCRM and WordPress. They had simply not been configured properly to meet their needs and that of their clients. One of the key downfalls of their existing system was that their donation page wasn't engaging. In fact, they were sending site visitors to a completely separate site to donate, resulting in a really high bounce rate.

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On Wordpress

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  • after redesign, new CiviCRM + WordPress website by Wanna Pixel Inc.
  • Custom responsive donation form for CiviCRM + WordPress by Wanna Pixel Inc.


Key to the success of the project was creating an engaging giving experience that seamlessly integrated with CiviCRM so that there would be no duplicate effort in collecting contribution data.


The goal of this project was to create a solution that truly told their organization's story in a way that would engage users and inspire involvement through book donations, giving, and volunteering.


One of the key challenges we faced was the default CiviCRM giving forms. They didn't fit the style of the rest of the site, they appeared daunting to users due to the quantity of information presented, and they were concerned that the bounce rate might be only slightly reduced vs. the third party giving website.

Developed by

Nathan Porter - CEO, Wanna Pixel Inc.

Marisa Porter - Web Strategist, Wanna Pixel Inc.

Meg Delagrange - Creative Director, Wanna Pixel Inc.

Emily Levy - Content Manager, Wanna Pixel Inc

Kurund Jalmi - Technical Team Lead, Wanna Pixel Inc.

Maureen Pacheco - Communications Director, Reach Out and Read CO

Megan Wilson - Executive Director, Reach Out and Read CO

""Seriously… The new website looks amazing! I am so thankful and grateful for the Wanna Pixel team. You all are rock stars.""

Maureen Pacheco, Communications Coordinator

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

Quite simply, CiviCRM was already in use by the organization and from a back office perspective, it met all of their organization's needs.