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Refugee Support Network (RSN) works with young people affected by displacement and crisis, enabling them to access, remain and progress in education at multiple stages in the migration journey.


We worked with RSN to understand what they needed to track, who the different stakeholders were and what reports they needed to generate.

We adopted a phased implementation and within the first phase we had very little integration with the main website, though the CiviCRM installation was integrated with the website (Drupal 6) from the start to ensure scalability.

We set up a range of groups and tags to allow suitable tracking of different user types and added a bunch of custom fields to collect info like immigration status.

The next phase of development will include closer integration with the website, such as online donations, event management and remote data collection.


Centralise and organise contact information and track relationships. 


RSN needed a way to track multiple interactions with their stakeholders. These stakeholders included staff, volunteers, donors, mentors, mentees, class attendees, etc. They needed a system accessible by all staff from anywhere. They had very little budget!

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