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Romemu is a progressive Jewish spiritual community that is also very involved in social action. While most of the people in their community are members, this organization also does fundraising. They needed a system that could help them track and build relationships with their congregation, most of whom are families and couples as well as address event management, volunteer management, and fundraising. They also needed an easy way to let their congregation know what events and programs were coming up, as they run a multitude of events, programs, and volunteering opportunities. This project delivered them a new website fully integrated with their new CRM. This meant all their upcoming events and activities could be found on their homepage as well as their website calendar. When members logged in, they could easily update their personal information as well as information for their family members. In addition, the Romemu staff had a great back-office CRM solution to manage all the data that flowed in from the website, plus manage all the back-office tasks of this busy organization. Since the primary time of year for people to join or renew their membership comes in September, at the same time as almost everyone is also registering for a series of high holiday-related events, it was very helpful to have the same system for managing both events and membership processing. For people that did not use the website to register, they were able to call the office and the staff of the organization used the back-office tools in CiviCRM to register people for events, membership and process their credit cards all in one place.

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CiviContribute, CiviEvent, CiviMember, and Drupal integration.


Convert all their existing data from their previous web-based membership system into CiviCRM, reconfigure those records to reflect that most people were part of households/couples which was not supported in the previous system. Also configure the initial set of membership rules and online membership pages, a set of event registration pages, credit card processing, and a new website complete with members-only areas.


The event registration pages made heavy use of price sets to allow people to choose various sessions/time-slots available for a given event. However, the CiviCRM event participant reports and related custom searches did not allow the event planner to get a participant roster for each session. What they needed was a printable roster for each session, listing the names of all the registered participants for that one session.

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From Romemu: Operations Director, Director of Development, Membership and Outreach, and their Creative Director. From Pogstone: Sarah Gladstone

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

Many other CRMs were evaluated. CiviCRM was selected because its feature-set most closely matched the needs of the organization.