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Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC)

20 St James's Place
SW1 London
United Kingdom

The RORC was formed in 1925 in Plymouth, pioneering ocean racing for small yachts and amateur crews. The club now runs around 20 races each year with approximately 250 entrants per race and also helps other clubs organise their events. The club moved into its current premises in 1942 and club racing is now on a two-year cycle with the Fastnet and the qualifiers necessary for it in each odd numbered year. After eighty years with an active membership of approximately 3,500, the message of the Royal Ocean Racing Club still carries a long way. With its bricks and mortar existence, its elected membership and its permanent professional staff, the club stands as a sentinel for the ideals of racing under sail. The client had an Access Database CRM system that was developed in 1997. While this system was appropriate at the time but was out-dated and not considered fit for purpose and the RORC Board has therefore decided to replace it with a modern system that address the requirements of the RORC. CiviCRM is now running live and is successfully helping RORC to manage its membership and events and the organisation has saved tens of thousands of pounds by not having to purchase expensive CRM software licenses.

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Web-based Multiple Memebrship Categories with multiple attributes (Tags) Groups Events


The objectives of the project were: •To replace the existing Access Database CRM system with a more suitable solution, so that RORC can achieve its aims and objectives more effectively. •To transfer across relevant data from the existing system to avoid having to re-enter historic and current information. •To configure the new solution so that it accurately reflects the face and content of the club as it is now. •To have the new solution up and running as quickly as possible to accommodate the arrival of new members of staff.


Converting across the data from the old Access database.

Developed by

RORC: IT Manager & Race co-ordinator. Treasurer Membership Manager ASYS: Project Co-ordinator Technical Director

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM was chaosen as it provided all the functionality required from a Web-based solution that is accessable by RORC staff other as well as external stakeholders, members, etc.