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Seamless Relocation was struggling to keep track of its current and past clients, prospects and resources using Excel spreadsheets, particularly when staff were out of the office, so a more scalable and robust solution was needed and CiviCRM with CiviCase met this requirement well.

With this solution, the staff were able to check and update records of clients, and their status, enter new addresses when they had been relocated, from wherever they were, yet still able to analyse the data in Excel to draw up statistics, etc.

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Ease of use.


To make it easier to track prospects and clients in a consistent way.


Finding an effective way to present and access the data.  The solution here was a custom report which lists the database with most recent entries at the top, which the staff found to be an intuitive view of the database, as easy to understand and navigate as the Excel system it replaced.

Developed by

One consultant from QualityTime Services.

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM was chosen because of its versatility and cost.  No other CRMs were evaluated.