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Social Return on Investment (SROI) Network

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The SROI Network promotes the use and development of the Social Return on Investment methodology internationally, encouraging a community of practice along the way. The SROI Network is a membership organisation and a company limited by guarantee. The objectives of the SROI Network are:

- To ensure the principles and standards of SROI are adhered to
- To develop the methodology
- To disseminate information on indicators and proxies for use in SROI analyses
- To train SROI practitioners and provide peer support
The SROI Network has been using the CiviCRM software alongside a Joomla CMS installation since 2011.
CiviCRM is used to register members, take payments online, remind members when their membership renewal is due and when members login they are provided with a number of member only services. 


Whilst the system, had been in use for a little while the system wasn't being used effectively. Additional staff training and system adjustments mean that the SROI's data is much cleaner and the number of administrative procedures has been reduced.

The staff at SROI said "There were actually functions available we were unaware of such as automated renewal reminders and online booking systems which will really help improve our time management and efficiency in the future".


After the system had been in use for a couple of years it was decided that a review should take place as to how well the system was being used and which other features the SROI Network could take advantage of. Their then followed a short project to develop a better understanding in-house of how to best use CiviCRM and decide upon which amends to the system would best benefit the company moving forward.


The current staff have no prior knowledge of configuring CiviCRM but they are largely dependent on the system which was put in place by a staff member who had now left the organisation. It was imperative that staff members became quickly and efficiently more used to working with CiviCRM and understanding how it works.

Developed by

  • The SROI Communications and Membership Officer
  • The SROI Office Administrator
  • Oliver Gibson from Northbridge Digital Ltd

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM had previously been built into our site by a previous employee - we therefore needed to know how best to use it with very little knowledge and experience. A move to another CRM system was not considered as part of this project.