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Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind is an innovative and dynamic organisation that provides helpful services promoting the well-being and improvement of the mental health of our clients.

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TOG Mind use CiviCRM predominately as a Contact Relationship Management System, enabling them to communicate with, and manage clients and volunteers. 

With over 100 volunteers with interests in different aspects of the organisation (e.g. counselling, administration, café, allotments), they make good use of the group functionality to target volunteers with information and opportunities within their specific area of interest. 

Training courses, workshops and events are managed through the system, including online enrolment, online payment, and targeted marketing to potential and past attendees.

The next stage for the paid-for counselling services will be adding a payment online option.  All assessment and counselling clients are sent reminder SMS messages via the system to remind them of upcoming sessions which has improved client attendance.


In order to deliver their services, the organisation were simultaneously running 13 different spreadsheets/databases.  TOG Mind saw an opportunity to centralise the information they held, in order to become more efficient and to improve communication between teams.

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The project was signed off in July 2012.  TOG Mind created a part-time dedicated Performance Monitoring role to take responsibility for all data formatting and handling for the initial import to the new system, and to manage data on an ongoing basis.  All the new processes were designed in conjunction with staff before the launch in November 2012.

Although some of the data formatting was a challenge to begin with, the actual transfer of data was stress free and the staff embraced the new system, making implementation relatively straight forward.


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

The team began their research by talking to other local Minds and local CVS’s to find out what systems they were using and what their experiences were, then searched online for providers for Contact Management Systems.  They came up with a shortlist of four systems which they looked at in more detail.

Bari Pollard, leading the team, found that CiviCRM was simple, well presented and could do 90% of what the organisation needed it to do very well.  With an anticipated 40 plus users (staff and volunteers), CiviCRM also scored points for value for money due to it being open source and therefore not incurring any licence fees.

GMCVO complimented the software perfectly by offering a good support package at the right price, and as a local social enterprise, fitted well with TOG Mind’s local supplier policy.