CiviCase implementation for leading central London couples therapy organisation

Tavistock Centre for Couples Relationships

70 Warren Street
W1T 5PB London
United Kingdom

Established in 1948, TCCR is the leading provider of highly specialised and affordable couple counselling and psychotherapy. TCCR offer a range of relationship, psychosexual and parenting support services throughout London.


TCCR sought to replace an array of manual systems with a dual purpose CRM and case management solution to manage their end to end client interaction. The solution needed to support not only the client interaction but also room and appointment bookings, HR management, finance and complex reporting requirements.

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Compucorp, selected by competitive tender, were appointed to configure and install the open source product CiviCRM.

Compucorp configured CiviCRM including the Case management module to meet TCCR's exact requirements. Compucorp modified screen layouts using the latest web technologies to maximise the ease of system use.

Compucorp enhanced CiviCRM to support the finance requirements and integrated a calendar function for room and appointment booking. Compucorp consulted and implemented a security policy for the hosted solution.


Compucorp developed a bespoke website module to support online appointment booking, allowing clients to select available appointment slots based on the integrated calendar function. This has saved hours of manual appointment scheduling by administrative staff.

To meet the complex reporting requirements, Compucorp integrated the solution with a highly regarded open source business information and reporting application. This reporting engine can be abstracted from the main application to ensure performance is not affected during heavy use. This mixture of performance and flexibility allows TCCR to extract valuable statistical information they use as part of their research and training.

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Compucorp is an end to end IT consultancy specialising in open source software and solutions.


Compucorp have supplied a diverse range of organisations including businesses, police constabularies, public sector health authorities, charities, local government and education establishments with essential platforms in order to facilitate their services with the greatest efficiency.


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