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The ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation (ThinkFirst) helps young people learn how to lead fun-filled and injury-free lives using a combination of education, research, and policy advocacy. The ThinkFirst Foundation serves as an international umbrella to local ThinkFirst chapters on the national and international level; a physician serves as a chapter’s primary contact and local sponsor. Most chapters operate within an existing hospital department of a hospital or university system. ThinkFirst’s education program emphasizes multi-leveled education programs that connect to students through experience from their Voices of Injury Prevention program, a group of speakers who talk about their own experience in dealing with life-crippling injury, and educate students about methods to protect themselves using research-validated facts.

The deployed CiviCRM installation centralizes ThinkFirst’s lists of donors, chapters, speakers, corporate sponsors, and grantors, eliminating the separation between their previous SalesForce contact lists, QuickBooks donor lists, and spreadsheet chapter directory which they were using to track chapter progress through the registration and training process. Prior to CiviCRM the ThinkFirst national chapter had limited ability to track the speakers and donors at individual ThinkFirst chapters.


The new system allows ThinkFirst better communication with their donors and helps to streamline the process of corporate sponsorship and chapter registration. CiviCRM Groups, Tags, and Activities give ThinkFirst staff the ability to easily target potential new chapters and will help them push their many “in-progress” chapters, both within the United States and abroad through the remainder of the registration and training process, to become full-fledged ThinkFirst chapters.


E-communication, integration between chapter data stored in CiviCRM and public chapter directory, improved procedure for tracking chapter registration status, ability to produce mailing labels for quarterly support mailings, ability to update and manage day-to-day operations with internal staff rather than expensive outside consultants, and e-commerce capability.


ThinkFirst was aiming for a unified online presence that addresses both public facing outreach and chapter coordination work within the same online platform. The flexibility of Drupal's online CMS with the feature complete richness of CiviCRM offered the best vehicle for creating this new online platform.


Data import and data reconciliation. The majority of ThinkFirst’s data was spread out across an incomplete database, multiple Excel spreadsheets, and QuickBooks files with no systematically enforced identifier for unique contacts between the different data silos. Data cleaning and disambiguation for use in online chapter directories.

Developed by

ThinkFirst Personnel: Debby Gerhardstein, RN, BSN, MA, Executive Director; Diane Ciambrone, Administrative Assistant


Emphanos Personnel: Young-Jin Kim, Project Lead Implementation and Design; and Kevin C. Krupp, Data Import, Configuration, and Training; Allen Shaw, Custom Development.

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

ThinkFirst was on as their CRM, but Salesforce was not integrated with their legacy website, integration with a proposed Joomla CMS was beyond their budget. ThinkFirst chose to use Drupal + CiviCRM as their solution because they needed to move to a more flexible CMS solution that would integrate with a full featured CRM solution.