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CiviCRM chosen for the Imagine No Malaria global initiative

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United Methodist Communications (UMCOM), along with it's partners, The United Nations, The World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is leading a global initiative to rid the world of Malaria through it's Imagine No Malaria initiative. Imagine No Malaria is more than just a campaign against a disease that kills children and destroys families. It’s a movement, to make real change in the world.

UMCOM needed a high end Donor and Constitute management system that would allow them to mange this large and important global initiative. It's current large commercial system could not do what UMCOM needed. After a thorough industry review, UMCOM choose CiviCRM because of its functionality, ease of use, and flexibility.

UMCOM choose BackOffice Thinking to implement CiviCRM because of our deep knowledge in CiviCRM, fundraising, strategic thinking, and track record of delivering highly complex solutions.

Since it's launch in Jan 2011, CiviCRM is managing millions in pledges and donations and tens of thousands of contacts throughout the world. UMCOM is looking to possibly expand the use of CiviCRM with events, personal campaigns, and tighter integration with Drupal.

Update:  In February 2012 UMCOM expanded to use CiviEvents to manage a plethora of runs to support the Imagine No Malaria initiative. 

  • Imagine No Malaria utilizes CiviCRM


There were many keys to the project including: pledge and donation online/offline capabilities, integration with UMCOM's existing solutions, ease of reporting, ease of constituent management, and flexible online receipting.


To quickly deliver a donation and constituent management system and to integrate it seamlessly with UMCOM's other solutions.


Timing. This was a large complex implementation with a short implementation period.

Developed by

The project team included BackOffice Thinking's Principals, consultants, and developers; UMCOM's technology team, financial team, and business support team.


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

After a thorough industry review, UMCOM choose CiviCRM because of its functionality, ease of use, and flexibility. UMCOM had another highend commercial system, but did not believe that it could deliver what CiviCRM could.

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A global initiative using CiviCRM events with extensive Drupal integration

United Methodist Communications

37202 Nashville , TN
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United Methodist Communications (UMCOM), the global communications arm of the United Methodist Church needed a platform to host thousands of events and potentially hundreds of thousand participants for its Rethink Church global program; UMCOM worked with us to specify, design and implement an integrated CiviCRM and Drupal solution. 
This flagship program includes a several event offerings from small church events, to larger regional events with dozens of individual projects, to massive global initiatives with over 1000 events on the same day. 
A few highlights include:
  • Creating and managing events through the CiviCRM backend, through a Drupal portal, and through integration with other UMCOM systems.
  • Providing a portal for local church leaders and regional leaders, with no or minimal training, to manage dozens of regional events.
  • Providing Localization with MaxMind and Google Places integration.

For non profits and member driven organizations, creating visually stunning and engaging websites that engages their constituents drives value.  To do this effectively,  choosing the right combination of Website tool (CMS) and backend database (CMS/AMS) is essential.  Almost always, the Drupal/CiviCRM combination is an excellent tool set choice because of their power and strong integration - The CiviCRM/Drupal integration is the best CRM/CMS integration by far.

For more informtion please contact:

Paul Keogan
Principal and Founder of BackOffice Thinking




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