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Registration front-end for organizations & memberships bridging into a 3-rd party web-app

United Star Distance Learning Consortium

30542 Flowery Branch , GA
United States
Georgia US
United Star began as a leader in satellite delivery of distance education courses and professional development then transitioned to teaching and learning through blended technologies. 
Now in the 21st century, United Star is again leading the exploration of a new medium for professional development --- PD in 3D Virtual through United Star's beautiful Star Island in Second Life.
Student instructional partners are Oklahoma State University and Lincoln Interactive providing career tech, college prep, and dual/college credit courses.
  • USDLC Registration Interface


  1. Registration interface for three types of accounts
  2. Annual Paid Membership
  3. Organization <-> Member management
  4. Ability to sync accounts with a propitiatory 3-rd party database


It was imperative to quickly build a replacement website to serve as a front-end at http://usdlc.org with at least a basic registration mechanism for the transition period. In the long run Allora Consulting had deploy new registration features based on CiviCRM modules.


User databases at usdlc.org and usdlc-l2l.org must be perfectly synchronized. CiviCRM's organization / user structure must mirror a pre-existing data structure of parent Organizations and child Organization Members at http://usdlc-l2l.org Changes of user status on usdlc.org site must propagate semi-automatically to the management console of USDLC-L2L. 

Developed by

Sergey Nosenko (Allora Consulting)

Sandy LaPlante  (USDLC)

Cris Crissman, Ph.D. (USDLC)

"Allora Consulting's efficient implementation of CiviCRM quickly brought us organization out of total chaos! We deal with three different types of registration levels -- individual, new site, and adding individuals to existing sites. Now we are able to easily register all participants, search and edit their registrations, as well as view their participation status. Allora Consulting has established a system for us which meets all of our needs -- easy registration regardless of type, keeping track of activities, reporting, communicating, and collecting fees. We cannot say enough good things about Allora Consulting, its team, and its contributions to make every aspect of our operation run more smoothly!"

Sandy LaPlante, Business/Financial Director


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

Community Builder and CiviCRM were the candidates. Advanced features of CiviCRM's Membership module and Organization / Individual relational management made this choice a no-brainer.