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An integrated Continuing Professional Development system for Pharmacists

Wales Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education

8 North Road Cathays
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WCPPE is an operational unit of the Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University and provides continuing professional development services to professional, and trainee Pharmacists & Technicians working in Wales. This system allows WCPPE to validate and manage their contacts database of Pharmacists, set up and run training events at locations throughout Wales and provide learning course materials both electronically (via Moodle) and in hardcopy form. The system integrates Drupal/CiviCRM/Moodle and Mahara into a single 'system' giving the user a single point of access to all their CPD needs, and automating much of the administration through the use of CiviCRM membership and events functionality. The main programme consisting of live events, a range of distance learning packs and e-Learning resources is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, under the guidance of the Welsh Committee for the Development of Pharmacy (WCPDP).

No features specified


Contact and membership management and Event management, ease of customisation, plus ease of integration with Drupal


To create an integrated system out of separate applications, which would automate much of the administration work, and provide a much improved service to Pharmacists working in Wales


Learning the full capability and limitation of CiviCRM and how to modify it to meet the requirements

Developed by

University of London Computer Centre - Project manager (David Hooper), Web developer (Marna Gillighan), CiviCRM/PHP developer (Matt Gibson) WCPPE staff - Sally Lau (Pharmacist) - Claire Feirn (e-learning technologist - Cath O'brien (Director WCPPE)

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

We also looked at Sugar, but CiviCRM was much better integrated with the Website technology (Drupal) and had more appropriate and better implemented functionality.