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Watershed Management Group (WMG) develops community-driven sustainability projects to ensure the long-term health of the environment and community. WMG’s programs assist community members in developing knowledge and skills and provide access to resources that allow them to complete these projects. Their programs include community-improvement projects, infrastructure improvements, hands-on educational programs for schools, live demonstration sites, and water management certification and technical training. WMG is active in three major metropolitan areas nationally (Arizona and California) and with international programs in India, Burkina Faso and Mexico and Costa Rica. The deployed CiviCRM installation is now a centralized place for all of WMG's data and the central nexus for the distributed staff across three cities and two continents to fully engage and interact with its constituents. PHPList was retired and WMG’s mailing lists are now managed by the integrated CiviMail component. Event attendance and participation for workshops and public events that were tracked on paper signup sheets, Google Docs Spreadsheets and Excel are now tracked within CiviCRM. The new system allows WMG to develop deeper donor relationships. Program staff can now manage the rapidly expanding Co-op program whose members actively trade their own volunteer hours invested into other members' sustainable infrastructure projects in their community for projects at their own choosing. WMG's rigorous and very successful Water Harvesting Certification and Watershed Technical Training Programs attracts over 100 professionals each year. These 3-10 day trainings provide practical skills in water harvesting, green infrastructure, watershed restoration, and eco-saniation to a range of professionals from landscape architects, to engineers, to international development consultants.


Events management, e-communication to replace PHPList, improving donor development, expanding and coordinating Training and Educational programs in other cities. Managing a large and rapidly growing Waterharvesting Co-op program by tracking Co-op member's volunteer hours and projects.


Centralization of all mailing lists and donor lists. Managing over 60 events per year across a large geographic area with hundreds of volunteers and Co-op members. Handling the registration and admission process for the growing WMG Water Harvesting Certification Program, the first of its kind in the United States.


Data Import and Data Reconciliation. The majority of data was spread out across multiple Excel spreadsheets, databases, QuickBooks files and mailing lists with no systematically enforced identifier for unique contacts between the different data silos.

Developed by

WMG Personnel: Catlow Shipek, Senior Program Manager; Lisa Shipek, Executive Director; Kati Falger, Finance and development assistant, Lindsay Ignatowski, Co-Op Coordinator
Emphanos Personnel: Young-Jin Kim, Project Lead Implementation and Design; and Kevin C. Krupp, Data Import, and CiviCRM Staff Training

"CiviCRM was installed by Emphanos in the summer of 2011, at an ideal time to streamline new offices that Watershed Management Group (WMG) was opening in Phoenix, Arizona and Santa Barbara, California along with a growing international branch in India. WMG had been running community-based programs in Tucson for five years, and was depending on Excel and Google databases to manage a quickly growing number of volunteers and donors. Emphanos provided the expertise needed to start the transition process a year prior by upgrading our website from Joomla to Drupal, which also gave WMG more sophistacted website capabilities. WMG runs over 75 workshops in Tucson each year, plus a growing number of workshops in other cities. CiviCRM has enabled us to transition from time-consuming email and phone registrations to online registration that will save our staff substantial time that they can now use for program development. WMG’s Green Living Co-op program, a sweat-equity program where members build systems like greywater systems and solar water heaters, is now expanding to several other cities and CiviCRM will make managing new Co-ops much simpler and more uniform. Emphanos took the time to intimately understand WMG’s Co-op program, in order to set up a customized registration and volunteer hours tracking system that best meets the Co-op’s unique setup of earning volunteer hours by custom-designed “households” instead of tracking hours by individual members. As a growing non-profit organization, the development of an effective donor database is crucial to our success. The CiviCRM database will make donor development across states and continents extremely easy, and enable the Tucson main office to track important donor relationships for different cities and international work. Emphanos provided a series of customized trainings for WMG staff, that enabled staff to start using the various features of CiviCRM immediately. As an added bonus, these trainings were recorded, and are now used as training videos for new staff, saving WMG time and resources."

Lisa Shipek, Executive Director


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

aiser's Edge Online) and chose CiviCRM because of its open source community, its flexible and intuitive interface and its deep integration with Drupal which was the CMS of choice after a migration from Joomla.