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The Webster Groves School District Foundation is a non-profit entity that operates independently from the Webster Groves School District. The Foundation works closely with the District to support academic programs, professional development, scholarships and other projects that cannot be provided for through traditional public funding sources. The Foundation achieves its mission through individual and corporate tax-deductible donations. The new Webster Groves School District Foundation website, created by Sheila Burkett of Spry Digital, is built in Drupal and CiviCRM, which has allowed the WGSDF to consistently track up-to-date and in-depth donor information, process donations in an efficient manner, and analyze data through many types of reports.

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Online donations, content management, and donor tracking and management.


The initial goal was to create a new website that could be easily updated by WGSDF volunteers and allow WGSDF to share timely information with donors, potential grant recipients and community through an exciting, interactive format. The organization also needed to be able to accept online donations, track donor information, and provide online event registrations.


As with many nonprofit boards, WGSDF is comprised entirely of volunteers, most of whom have little experience with donor management. Our biggest challenge was educating the board on donor management best practices and gaining consensus to proceed.

Developed by

Members of the Development and Communications Committees and the board Chair of WGSDF, their administrative assistant, and Sheila Burkett of Spry Digital.

"Spry Digital was instrumental in the development of both format and content of our website. They turned our objectives for the website into an eye-catching, easy to navigate format. Spry Digital was eager to assist in all facets of the development. As novices in website creation, we depended on them to help us design an attractive and informative website."

Webster Groves School District Foundation


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

The organization was using E-tapestry as their donor management software, but limitations on user accounts and donor records were problematic. They were also piggybacking on the school district’s website, which meant that the Foundation itself could not update the site directly. The event management aspect of CiviCRM was highly desirable, as were the donor management features.