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The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA) is a statewide membership organization with the mission of strengthening Wisconsin’s nonprofits. The association provides public policy information and advocacy on nonprofit issues, access to education and training opportunities, technical assistance and offers a cost-saving package of benefits to their members. WNA currently has over 100 organizational members as well as many individual and for-profit affiliate members and foundation supporters. With increasing numbers, managing member profiles and renewals was becoming a real challenge. The implementation of CiviCRM and a member portal has streamlined the renewal process for WNA members and centralized contact and member data. Now, instead of spending hours updating Excel spreadsheets, staff can better focus on their mission of helping other nonprofits.

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Membership (including member portal and membership online directory), Activities, Contacts, Email Marketing.
When the membership is expired, the member is automatically redirected to the membership renewal page and can't login into the member portal.



Originally, WNA was tracking their membership using Excel spreadsheets. Many hours were spent updating current membership information, tracking address changes and adding new partners. Membership lists were maintained by three different staff members on three different computers and didn’t always match, especially regarding membership status. The goal was to find a way to streamline memberships and facilitate online renewals. In addition, they also wanted member contact information to auto populate on the renewal form. This solution needed to be installed, configured and integrated with their existing Joomla website. Once CiviCRM was up and going, another objective for WNA was to increase their use of the activities feature in CiviCRM to track interactions with members and other contacts and to increase member engagement.


WNA has rolling membership schedules where members can join at any time of the year which can be a challenge to manage. With CiviCRM, they can use scheduled reminder emails which go out several times before a membership expires, and then again after the expiration date, if the membership has not been renewed.

WNA wanted to give access to resources only to members. The challenge was to make sure only members in good standing can access the member portal.

Developed by

Cividesk: Virginie Ganivet, Steve Kessler

Client: Brandon Reed

"[CiviCRM is] “Easy to use, intuitive and the customization is excellent." "

Brandon Reed


Why did this project use CiviCRM?

WNA researched several different options and selected CiviCRM since it is open source, “easy to use, intuitive and the customization is excellent."